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A very lovely quote on faith (Fb-Sp19-Face)
God is similar to WIFI, available where ever we want, but we have to join him with the exact code word, that is Faith.

A super quote on supreme power (Fb-Sp20-Face)
Always have Faith in the supreme power, it's the best medicine one can have.

Incredible quote on self belief and God (Fb-Sp15-Face)
Moon shows us God's beauty

Sun shows us God's Power

Bur a Mirror shows us God's best and most amazing creation.

So just believe in Yourself and God.

Wondrous quote on blessings (Fb-Sp22-Face)
God said- Don't look here and there, you will be influenced

Don't look down, you will become sad

Just look to me and you will be surely blessed.

Believe in the power of faith quote (Fb-Sp23-Face)
All things work in the way they should and correctly finds the path, only when we believe in the power of faith.

Lovely quote on trusting god (Fb-Sp24-Face)
Walking with god is the best experience

Finding God, is our best accomplishment

Making God our best friend is the best way to happiness

Trust God always.

Lovely Spiritual Quote (Fb-Sp26-Face)
God is not a word that you can find in books

God is not any idol that you can find in temples

God is life, that you can simply find in your own self


God is with me Quote (Fb-Sp28-Face)
The day I knew that God is with me, I stopped thinking who all are against me.

Lovely Quote (Fb-Sp30-Face)
Always be happy in God's decision, because God doesn't give you what you find good, rather God gives you what is good for you.

Beautiful God Quote (Fb-Sp31-Face)
When God burdens you, he puts his arms underneath beforehand. So there is no need to worry.

Nice quote on journey of life (Fb-Sp16-Face)
In this journey of life, we are tourists and God is our guide. Our journey is well planned by him, so we just have to enjoy the trip.

A remarkable quote on God (Fb-Sp21-Face)
God is much bigger than all our disappointments, annoyance and dead dreams.

Leave it all to him and he will surely handle them all.

Beautiful quote on Faith in God (Fb-Sp29-Face)
Faith in God is like a garden, where we get both cool shade as well as sweet fruits.

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