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An incredible beautiful thought (Fb-Sp6-Face)
A young boy once asked an Old man, Why does it always happen, that when we go and listen to some spiritual events, we feel asleep. While when we go to a music party like DJ etc, we never fall asleep?

The old man smiled and replied, That's because we always sleep easily on a bed of roses and not on bed of thorns.

Thought on the power of prayer (Fb-Sp9-Face)
Once a bar was opened beside a worshiping place. All the devotees and staff of the holy place was not happy with it and hence they prayed daily for the closure of the bar. One day due to an earthquake, only the bar got destroyed, rest everything was safe. The owner of the bar, filed a case against the holy place saying that his bar was destroyed as a result of all the prayers against him. All the worshipers denied this.

The judge said, this case is a very complicated one as the owner of a bar has full faith in prayers and all the worshippers themselves don't have.

Nice thought on love (Fb-Sp1-Face)
Amazing answer by a wise man to a complicated question:

Q. How can you differentiate between “liking? and “loving?

Ans: When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you care and nurture it.

Amazing thought on God's way of making us win (Fb-Sp4-Face)
A horse that wins in a race doesn't knows that what exactly is winning. In reality, the horse runs fast because of the pain and suffering inflicted upon him by his master. So when you are suffering a lot, you seem to be surrounded with difficulties, then just understand that God is just preparing you for winning. Be strong and win your struggle.


Nice imaginative spiritual prayer (Fb-Sp5-Face)
A prayer that should be a wish by all people to God on this Earth.

Dear Lord, Bring an Earthquake, in which Everyone's pride breaks

Giant structures of Hate crumbles down.

Bring in the Global Warming that leads to the dissolvement of huge mountains of Anger.

And lead to the rise in the level of Humanity, Peace and Love for all.

If God listens to our prayers then this kind of climatic and natural change is welcome by us all.

Beautiful Thought on faith (Fb-Sp7-Face)
One small word

If you read it then it takes seconds

If you think about it then it takes minutes

If you try to understand it then it takes the whole day.

And to prove this word, even the whole life seems to be less.

That word is Faith.

Beatiful Spiritual Thought (Fb-Sp10-Face)
Once God was very sad of all the humans on this earth, as humans were all the time just complaining and complaining about all the things to God. God decided to find some isolated place where no human can reach, and so started looking for such a place. God first thought of going at the bottom of the ocean, but then he thought, humans can reach there also. Then he thought of some other galaxy or planet but later thought that humans can also someday reach there. Finally God found the place where he can silently stay yet no human will search him, and that's the heart of humans.

Since then God always stays in each and every human's heart . But we humans always keep on searching for God in all sorts of places but not in our own hearts.

Nice teaching by God (Fb-Sp11-Face)
Once there was a very great person. One day a very poor person went to his man and said to him: I am very poor. Please help me, I would like to borrow some land from you, so that I can also earn some living for me. The great person was very helpful. He gave the poor man a piece of his land and also gave him five helpers to help him farming. He told the poor man: Take this land and also these 5 helpers so that they can help you in doing your work.

Receiving the piece of land and also 5 additional helpers, the poor man became very happy. He remained so engrossed in his happiness that he didn't keep any control on the 5 helpers and as a result they did very poor job. In the end when the great man came to take back his land, The poor man started crying and said: I am sorry, I was so engrossed in my happiness that I didn't kept any control on the 5 workers and as a consequence I got a very poor result.

Now if we see clearly:

The great person is : God

The poor man is : we humans

The piece of land is : Our body

The 5 helpers are: Our 5 senses- eyes, ears, nose, tongue and heart.

God has given us these 5 helpers so that using them while keeping them in control we can do our work and bring out the best result for our body in this life time.

Thought on gratitude to god (Fb-Sp12-Face)
A man reached 70 years of age and was affected by a disease which made him unable to breathe properly. The doctors told him that he needs an operation to cure the disease. He agreed to do the operation as the problem was giving him severe pain for days. When the operation was completed the doctor gave him a bill which covered all the costs.

After looking at the bill, the man started crying. Upon seeing this, the doctor said, “if the cost is too high then we could make some other arrangements for you.

The old man replied, “ I am not crying because of the money but I am crying because God l et me breathe for 70 years and he never sent me a bill.

Do we actually thank God for his countless blessings. We think of the cost of oxygen in the hospital. Yet, God has given us free oxygen since we were born.

We should be truly grateful to God for our life, pay our gratitude to Him, not because we expect a blessing but because we are grateful to him.

Lovely quote about thanking god (Fb-Sp13-Face)
Whenever you are siting with your elders

Thank God, as some people miss these moments badly.

Whenever you go to work,

Do thank God, as many people are jobless

When you are healthy,Thank GOD

As many people are really sick.

Thank God just because you are alive

Because ask the value of life from a dying person.

Amazing spiritual thought (Fb-Sp17-Face)
Once a man had 4 wifes. He used to love his 4th wife alot and used to take alot of care of her.

He used to love his 3rd wife also and wanted to show everyone his wife but he constantly had this fear also that she may run away to someone else.

He loved his second wife also. Whenever he had any problems, he used to share it with his second wife.

He didn't love his first wife and didn't take much care of her.

One day the man realised that he was going to die. So he thought that he will take along with him one of his wife. He asked his 4th wife first, she said that is not possible and went away. Then he called the 3rd wife, she said, life is good, when you will die, i will marry someone else. The second wife said, I am sorry, I cannot help you in this, at the most I can go with you till your last rites, not beyond that. This made the man very sad.

Just as he was about to loose all hope, he heard the voice of his 1st wife, who said- I am ready to go with you. Where ever you will go, I will be with you. The man was very sad as his first wife whom he didn't love, didn't take care, was willing to go with him.

Infact this story is actually our life's story

4th wife is our body, no matter how much we love it, it will surely leave us.

3rd wife is our wealth, status, that will leave us the moment we die and will go to others

2nd wife is our relatives, who can at the most go with us till our last rites.

1st wife is our soul, that will be with us forever, we should take good care of it.

An awesome thought on forgiveness (Fb-Sp18-Face)
Someone asked God which type of humans are the closest to you.

God replied: Those who even though are powerful enough to take revenge yet uses the power to Forgive.

Amazing story on Good deeds (Fb-Sp2-Face)
Once I saw this amazing dream. In the dream I went to some hill station for vacations. While returning my car met with an accident and I died on the spot. I went to heaven where God asked me, what was there in my bag? I said I have all my wealth in this,worth 50 million dollar. I was given a locker over there. I freshened up and then went to the market. I liked many things in the heaven, and thought of buying the things. When I went to the cashier and gave him a 1000 dollar, he didn't accept it, saying that here this currency is not accepted. I was astonished and asked God about it. God said on Earth , once countrie's currency is not worth in another country, then how you can use it here in HEAVEN. I started crying and said I wasted all my life running after money and now this money is not valid here. Then I asked God, then which currency works here? God replied, if you had done any good deeds while you were alive, and then as per your good deeds you are given a Credit Card, using which you can stay here. I said give me one chance, I have wasted my life but now I want to do all the good deeds that I can. God said ok and suddenly I opened my eyes and found it was a dream, But this dream did change my life.

So earn the wealth that is accepted in the world above this. Your good deeds will surely pay you back one day.Your Goodwill is the biggest wealth that you can ever earn in this world.

Beautiful letter from God (Fb-Sp8-Face)
Letter from God :


Today when you woke up, I was just standing near your bed. I thought that you would like to thank me for some events that happened in the last week. But you just quickly drank your tea and started to get ready. You didn't even look at me.

Then I thought that you will remember me after taking bath, but you became busy in choosing what to wear. Then you quickly went to office.

I wanted to tell you that just spend some time with me and your day's work will be very smooth throughout the day. But you didn't have time.

Even when you were all ideal, still you didn't remember me at all.

Before eating also I thought that atleast once you will remember me, but you didn't. Like this the whole day went, From afternoon, to evening, to night but still you didn't remember me at all. At night you just said goodnight to all, and slept.

I wanted a lot to be a part of your routine. I wanted to guide you, so that you know why are you here on this earth. Everyday, I wait for this that you will share small small happiness of your with me. But Everytime I just keep waiting. Anyway, no issues.I have faith and belief that you will remember me maybe tomorrow. Afterall faith and belief are also two of my names.

Your Loving


Lovely quote on accepting God's will (Fb-Sp14-Face)
A man used to care a lot for his servant. Once both of them were going together when suddenly they saw a tree having only one orange. The master took that orange and gave it to his servant. The servant first ate one piece of the orange but later he started eating the whole of it. As soon as he was just going to eat the last bite, his master said, why you didn't keep even one piece for me, and saying this he just ate the remaining orange. On eating he found that the orange was very bitter. He Said to his servant, just because it was bitter and you didn't want me to taste the bitter taste so you ate the whole orange yourself.

The servant said: when I have got so much sweet and good from you, then this is the least that I can do for you.

Our attitude should also be the same towards God. We should also accept the sadness and happiness equally given to us by God.

Wonderful thought on God (Fb-Sp25-Face)
Beautiful Conversation with God: If all things are predestined, then why should we wish?

God Replied: As I might also sometime say “AS you wish?.

God is everwhere Thought (Fb-Sp27-Face)
God says- don't be sad I am there with you

Not in front, but I am around you

Just close your eyes and call me from heart

I am no one else but just your faith.

Nice thought on faith (Fb-Sp3-Face)
A man used to worship God a lot One day he said to God that I want to feel your presence. I want to believe that yes you are there. God said OK, when you will go for a walk on the beach, you will find 4 footprints instead of two. Two your own and Two will be mine. Next day when he went for walk he saw two more footprints. He became very happy. Now everyday this started happening.

Once he lost everything in a business deal.He suffered a great loss. All his relatives and friends left him. He went to the beach and to his surprise found only two footprints that were his own. He was astonished that during your bad time, even God leaves you. After some time, again everything was normal. Then as he went to the beach, this time he again saw 4 footprints.Finally he asked God, During my bad times, everyone left me, that didn't hurt me but You also left me that time, as I saw only two footprints. That hurt me alot.

God answered, how can you even think that I left you. During your bad time, I was carrying you so that nothing can ever harm you. The two footprints that you saw were mine. And when your time was good, i again kept you down.So you again saw 4 footprints.

Hence Never ever loose your faith in God. You have faith in him and God will surely look after you.

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