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Funny Riddles 

Can you cry underwater?                 If 1 in 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that one enjoys it?                                                              A Chameleon can match his skin color to any surface but what if we put it on a mirror? 

When is a pistol jobless?                                                   

My brother mailed me a watch because he wanted to see something. Guess what?

Riddles for Kids 

Red Riding Hood.Can you pronounce that without saying the 'D's?

Some Unique Riddles:- A zebra is white with black stripses or black with white stripes?                        Why does a round pizza comes in a square box?               Do fishes get thirsty?  

It has an eye, and tail that soar.Everywhere it goes through a gap, it just leaves a part of its tail. What is it?

What is it that can go on a voyage of the world by just staying in a corner?   

Riddles for Adults 

Its a very happy family. Everyone loves each other but now the father is in prison and the mother has to sell her hotel but their daughter is happy.In what situation are they in?      

A man was on one side of the river and his friend on the opposite side. As the man called his friend, the friend crossed the river without getting wet and also there was no flyover or ship. How did it happen? 

My friend is a black smith. His height is 6ft. His age is 28 years.He wears shoe of size 7.  and he just loves to eat. What will he weigh? 

Hard Riddles 

One day I chaged the password of my brother's computer.He said that my password is out of date.I want the new one. I said, Liten carefully, yes new password is different.And the new password has same number of letters like the old one and only 4 letters are same.What was the old and new password.

This man shot many of his customers but still he was not a culprit by law.why?

There was a circle shaped office. One day, the legal advisor of the office was found dead in his cabin. There are 4 suspects, the peon who said he was cleaning the corners, the gaurd who said that he was infront of the gate, the gardener who said he was in the garden, watering the plants and the sweeper who said he was sweeping the cabins. Who was the real murderer?

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