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Riddles for Adults 

Does a law permit a man to marry his widow's second cousin?

Can you make your mobile phone liquid?                            

There is an empty rack, with six rows, having a width of 55 inches, having boxes of equal length. Each box is square shaped having sides of 8inches each. How many vases can you put on the empty rack?

A swimmer said that he can stay under water for 10 mins and challenged all to break his record for a price money of Rs.50,000. A little girl said that she can stay under water without any special equipments for half an hour. And she succeeded in doing that. How?

There was a big bunglow that had 4 servants,named A,B,C and D who were all given an off on sunday. However one sunday there was a theft in the bunglow. All the 4 servants were suspects. The police recorded the statements of all the 4 about what they were oing that Sunday.  A said, he went out with his wife. B said he was slept the whole day. C said that he was waiting for a mail and received it also on Sunday. D said he was preparing food for his family. Who was the thief?

If someone asks you this question, if you are actually doing it, you can not answer it correctly and say yes and if you give an answer and say yes that means you are lying. What is this question?

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