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Riddles for Adults 

You have a test tube that contains two diamond in it. You also have a match stick, a paper, acid, an iron rod and a lighter. How can you take the diamond out of the test tube?

A king and queen were in the same room but they were  not married to each other nor they belong to any other kingdom.How can that be possible?                            

Some Unique Riddles:- Why do they call it the “Black Box? when it's not black?                                     How important does a person have to be before considering him assasinated instead of murdered?

A boy was taken and kept in a room full of 5 lions hungry, starved for three months. The boy escaped safely. How?

A bandit stole some gold from a jeweller and decided to hide the gold underground in a pit. It took him around 2 days to dig a pit. How many days will he take to dig half pit?

You are driving a school van. 4 kids get on at each stop. 2 kids got down midway. At the second last stop, 6 children got in and 4 got down. What is the driver's eye colour? 

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