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Riddles (Funny/ Easy/ Hard for Adults/ Kids)

Funny Riddle
What should be done in order to make the oil boil?   

Riddle for Adults
This thing no one will ever want, but once they get it they don't want to lose it?    

Brain Teasers (for Adults/ Kids - Funny/ Math/ Interesting etc)

Brain Teaser for Adults
You are driving a car, wearing your belt, driving at a normal speed, not talking on phone, still the police stops you. Why?

Brain Teaser for Kids
Once a group of friends went to the North Pole for their college project. Suddenly from no where came a bear. All of them were very frightened. One of the friends took out a rivolver. He was a sharp shooter and knew very well, that by shooting from which direction he can kill the bear.o he went to the south direction, turned around by 90 degrees, then again walked towards the West. The Bear also ran at a speed of 2km/hour. The man again went to the South and took out his revolver. What was the colour of the bear? 

Puzzles (for Kids & Math/ Number Puzzles)

Maths Puzzle
Amy stands eighteenth in a que of 49 people. What is her rank from the last?

Puzzle for Kids
In a circus, a stranger met me and told me that I can write your exact name and hobbies but you have to give me Rs. 1000 for it. I didn't believe him as I didn't know that person and how can a stranger know my name and hobby but in the end I had to give him Rs 1000.Why?

Mind Games/ Brain Games 

You are very hungry. You have worked very hard all day long. Now your stomach is empty. Yo go back home and see 5 packets of biscuits kept on your dining table. Each packet had 10 biscuits. How many buiscuits can you have in in your empty stomach? 

A farmer was going back to his home from the market. He had with him a goat, a wolf and a small plant. Way back there was a river that the farmer along with the animals had to cross. There he saw that there was only one boat. He can not take all the animaand the plants together as the boat was small. So How can he himself and along with the animals cross the river safely? 

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