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Beautiful Quote about parent's care (Fb-Pt1-Face)
Once as a bird returned to her nest, her kids asked her, “mummy how big is the sky??She unfolded her wings, covered them all in it, and said, “ Calmly go to sleep my dear, the sky is not bigger than my wings.?

Parent's love is our safest haven. Nothing can even match with it.

Nice quote for all parents (Fb-Pt2-Face)
Once a primary school teacher asked her students to write few lines on my biggest wish. While checking their papers at home, she started crying. Her husband asked her what's the matter? She replied, one child wrote his biggest wish is to become a mobile. He wrote if I become a mobile, then I will be the center of attraction. Everyone will be always around me. When I will speak, everyone will listen to me carefully. When papa will come back from office, despite his lethargy, he will be busy with me. When mom will be sad instead of scolding me, will spend time with me. My siblings will fight just to be near me. And as a mobile I will spread happiness all around. Listening to this, the husband said, what a lonely child. His parents don't take care of him at all. The wife paused and said. The child is our son.

No matter how busy you may be just remember to always take out time for your kids.


Nice Vision Parenting Tips (Fb-Pt3-Face)
Every parent has a vision. Vision comes without limits. Our children watch how we create our lives, how we live our dreams and how we choose our words. Lead with love, teach kindness. Encourage them to dream with open hearts and open eyes. Teach gratitude by living it. They can hear you especially when you speak with your eyes. When there's no way out there's still always a way through. You are making a difference, you will see it in their expression. See through their eyes and hear their story from their perspective. Speak within the scope of their understanding. Listen from a place of presence. Let them teach you the joy of simple beauty.

Getting Involved Parenting Tips (Fb-Pt4-Face)
Getting involved makes a difference in your child's life. Involved parents make a positive impact on kids and their school. Research proves parent involvement is important. It shows the more the parents are involved, the more likely the child will succeed. Children with involved parents, attends school regularly, have better social skills. Every parent can do it. It doesn't matter where are you from and how much money you have. Every involved parent can make a difference. By getting involved, you say to your child, your education matters, you are important to me.

Nice Learning Parenting Tips (Fb-Pt5-Face)
Today I am going to talk about a child who does not listen. So the main problem is of obedience problem. When that happens we need to respond with calm and confident authority. In doing this you have to understand, that every time you ask your child to do something and they do it, you gain an authority point. So if you ask the child to do something and he doesn't do it, then stop asking him to do it as you will otherwise loose your authority. If there's a consequence of their not being obedient, then you retain your authority. The common misconception is that a consequence needs to be a punishment. It doesn't. It just needs to be a consequence. So the consequences does not necessarily be a punishment. Parents should learn that punishments are always an ineffective way to teach. They typically doesn't work unless the punishments are severe. So if you want to teach the child, teach the child. Get involved with him. That's the difference between authority based interventions and guidence based interventions. Always maintain a positive emotion at home.

Perfect Parenting Tips (Fb-Pt6-Face)
Parents should always remember that every child is different. No child is the exact same, so if people tells you that they did like this, so you also should do this for a particular problem, don't feel that doing the same will solve your purpose, because every child is so different. Remember every child's temperament, behavior is different.

Parent's should not be afraid to say yes. Sometimes just try to take it easy, and not always go by rules and instructions.

Everyone has been self conscious as a parent sometime in their life. No one is a perfect parent. Nobody was born a parent. So parents should never feel self conscious. People have to learn gradually.

Don't get so much involved in parenting that you just can't spend time with your kids.

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