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Valuable tips for parents (Fb-Pt7-Face)

Never teach your kid to be a millionaire, teach them to be happy, so that they can know the value of things and not only its cost.

Learning Important tips for parents (Fb-Pt8-Face)

How parents can help kids stop blaming others

Kids who blame, often yell, “I didn't do it?. They argue it's not fair, or you always blame me. They accuse others, “he did it.? , or “you made me do it.?

Here are 7 parenting solutions for helping kids who blame take responsibility.

1 Help your child let go of being perfect by assuring her that all people are 'Mistake makers'.

2 Don't make excuses for his blaming like, “He didn't sleep well last night.?

3 Be firm, serious and reasonable. Speak and act with confidence even if you don't feel it.

4 Name the blame by saying, “ That's blaming, please tell the truth.

5 Use time out to help your child decide to tell you the truth.

6 If an apology is needed, ask her to apologize sincerely.

7 Praise your child when he takes responsibility of his mistakes.



Treatments for behavior disorders- Dr. Kimberly Williams (Fb-Pt9-Face)

If you recognize that there is some unusual pattern of behavior in your child, its very important to take the help of a clinical professional. First contact maybe your child's pediatrician, you may contact the school psychologist for assistance and guidance. When we are thinking about behavior disorders there are multiple ways of treatment that can be beneficial. There's a type of cycle therapy that is a talk therapy which is beneficial for the child individually or also include a family or component of parent training. There is group cycle therapy because sometimes children and students benefit from collaborating with their peers, also play therapy, some of the younger children communicate better with the professional and when they can play and act out of the difficult things that they are going through. There's always the option of medication as well, and different types of medications are effective for many types of symptoms. Just keep in mind that there's a variety of different types of specific treatment that will be helpful to your child for behavariol disorder.

Tips for parenting teens (Fb-Pt10-Face)

Raising teenagers in this time is very difficult. Here are some tips to parent your teen

Remember you are the parent. It's so important for you to remember that you are the parent and they are the child. Now in this stage of life they are starting to flex their independent muscles and they even starting to feel that they know more than you do as a parent. But here's the truth, you are still the parent, You still have to be the trend setter in your home, you have to be the one leading your kids and the teens understand that they are the kid and you are the parent.

Lead with a plan. For any project that we undertake we have to start with a plan. Think about it in advance, what are the surprises they will need, which all people they need to get involved with, What money need to be set aside. WE need parenting our teens in the same manner, what do we hope, what do we want them to accomplish in school or in other activities they care about. So start strategising what we need to have as parents in order to make our kids accomplish their goals.

Listent to your teen- That's really important. At this stage they are starting to questioning their identity, who they are, whats really important is that they feel that you are showing them value. They are trying to be matured and be independent. So not trying to listen to teenagers about their fears, their concerns, the things that they are excited about, then you are kind of missing the opportunity to let them continue to grow. So just take time out of your life and listen to your teenager to have meaningful conversations.

Have clear expectations from your teens. Like what their function in the home, how much tv watching are they allowed, do they need to be baby sitting sibblings sometime. Make sure you make it pretty clear to them that these are our expectation from you as a parent.

Discipline when needed- You should know what are the displinary actions you need to take when certain expectations are not fulfilled. Discipline is very important. They have to understand that there are rules they need to follow.

Good Parenting Tips (Fb-Pt11-Face)

For good parenting, there are many steps that you need to take if you are going to be a good parent. Here are certain parenting rules

Rules and Regulations- You need to have ground rules that will give your child the line that they are going to walk on. Every child will do this to see how far they can go before they are not allowed to do it any longer.

Consistency is vital- If you are going to be a consistent parent, you need to be able to say no under constant begging. Your child is going to beg for everything they can if you allow it. Being consistent in your discipline or rules will make for good parenting.

Be involved- Every parent knows that they have to be involved in their child's life, but it's harder than you would think. Careers take us away from the chance to see that little ones of yours dance her first recital sometimes, but you can be an active member everyday until that day of the recital. Then you have to stay later.

Show love to your child- You cannot give too much love to your child. There are some who say that by smothering your child is wrong and that they will rely on you for everything.

Be the example- Your child is going to do the things that you do. That is why it's important to always be the good example to your child. When you show the example, you gain a better relationship.

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