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Inspirational speech by Sundar Pichai (Fb-Sc4-Face)
You will have many opportunities to reinvent yourself. So its worthwhile taking risks, trying to do something really excited by. The first attempt you don't do it, you can try again. In Silicon Valley many people start up a company as even if you fail its like wearing your failure as a badge of honor Culturally risk is rewarded. When I started working at Google, if you think of some idea, other people encourage you to build up those ideas, they encourage you. So its a culture of optimism and risk taking. At some point of life you have to work with people where you feel a bit insecure, but that's essential as that means that you are working with people who are better than you and who are pushing you. If you actually feel very secure in what you do that means you are doing something very comfortable and you are not pushing yourself. So just follow your dreams and you can work where ever you want.


Fight for what you want speech (Fb-Sc5-Face)
Whenever there is an argument between your heart and your mind, follow your heart, because what heart can feel, the mind cannot. You do what is easy and your life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. People that are hungry are uncommon people. A hungry have a vision of himself when they need help leaving a legacy and not liabilities. How do you get to that next level. You must learn to dominate. You cannot compete. Domination not competition. This is not about college degree. Its about massive amount of action. If you are not sure of your value, of what you want, the world will not reward you. People that are hungry are unstoppable. People that are hungry, refuse to give up. No excuse is acceptable. It's my time, its possible, its necessary, its worth it. Every Day is day one. 

Power of Mind- Inspiring Speech by Dr.Ben Carson (Fb-Sc6-Face)
You would be amazed that what the average brain is capable of. Some people say, I am not good at maths or languages etc. No what, that's not true at all. If you have an average brain, you're good at anything. Its just the matter of programming the brain correctly. Most people think that its pretty easy to read, because we know all 26 alphabets. What if you knew only 21 letter, then you couldn't read much. Maths and Science are also exactly the same way. You miss elements and it all becomes very confusing. And just about anything is very easy if you are willing to put work into it. Everybody can remember things that they want to remember and things, they don't want to remember they can't remember. Anybody can find time for something they want to do but if they don't want to do something they can find about 5000 reasons to not to do. For anything you just have to be willing to do it.

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