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Mind Games 

A dancer's daughter's mother is not a dancer. How?      

Yen is to the East of Xi. which is to the north of Zen. If Pi is to the South of zee, then Pi is in which direction with respect to Yen?                                         

We state it in Kms yet we call it mile. What is it?

Which is a word that contains 5 letters, and sometimes 9. But How can that be possible? 

The bank reopened after three days of continuos strike. Mr.Andy went to the bank and deposited 1.5 million. However after this day 1.5 months have passed but still his bank account shows no money has been deposited. How can this be possible? 

There were 4 musicians who said that Emaa was their sister,but Emma said she had no sister. So who was telling a lie?

Mrs Cullen is carrying one sack of rice and a bird. While Mr.Cullen is carrying one sack and two birds. Who is carrying more weight? Ans: Mrs. Cullen as she is carrying one sack of rice.

In which month people have less sleep? Ans: February as its the shortest month.

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