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Inspirational Story on Think before you act (Fb-y1-Face)

Inspirational: The Fox and The Goat- A Fox fell into a well. She could not get out again. So, she called out to a goat who was just passing by. “The water is very good over here: come in and have a drink,? said the fox. The goat, who was rather silly, felt happy. Without thinking anything, she leapt into the well. When the goat had a good drink, she asked the for, “How shall we get out?? “If you stand on your hind legs, I shall climb up your forehead and go out. Then I shall help you also to get out. But when the fox had got out, she ran away saying, “you should have thought of the way-out before you came in!?

Moral: Look before you Leap.

Mind is stronger than strength story (Fb-y2-Face)

The Lion and The Rabbit- Once upon a time a cruel lion ruled a jungle. Everyday he would hunt a number of animals and eat them. The animals of the jungle were scared to even move about freely. One day the worried animals got together and visited the king. The Clever fox said, “Your majesty, the animals are all dying. Your hunting spree will leave hardly any animals around. “We’ll send you one animal each as your lunch and dinner.?

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Know the truth and react (Fb-y3-Face)

The value of Trust- Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a small village. One day, the farmer brought home a bleeding baby mongoose. The farmer’s wife asked, “What is this?? The farmer replied, “It’s baby mongoose. It was lying by the roadside so I have brought it home to live with us.? The farmer had a little son. Soon the mongoose became an adult. The farmer’s wife was always fearful that the mongoose might harm the little boy.

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Story on Destiny (Fb-y4-Face)

Once, while a sage was meditating by the river Ganga, a hawk dropped a female mouse in the sage’s lap. The sage chanted some verses and turned it into a baby girl and took the baby home to his wife. He said, “Dear, since we are childless, let’s adopt this girl.? When she grew up, he prayed to the sun god who appeared and the sage asked him to marry his daughter. But she said, “I cannot marry the sun god because he is very hot.?

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A story on true friend (Fb-y5-Face)

The Clever Plan

A long time ago there lived a crow couple that had built a nest on top of a tree. One day, the wife had laid three eggs. The crows were very happy. But their happiness was short-lived. A snake that had come to live at the bottom of the tree ate all the eggs. The crow were very sad. After a while, the female crow again laid some eggs. The snake ate up the eggs yet again. The crows approached their friend, the fox and narrated their story.

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Story about never betraying your friends (Fb-y6-Face)

The Foolish Crocodile- Once there lived a monkey on a Jamun tree that stood on the bank of a river. The Monkey was very wise and courageous. But he was very good-natured as well. He passed his time happily eating jamuns and drinking the water of the river. One day a crocodile came near the jamun tree. Below the tree was a sandy patch of land. So, the crocodile came out of the river to back on the soft sand. The monkey saw the crocodile and decided to treat him as a guest. He said to him, “Would you like to eat jamuns? They are very sweet and juicy indeed. Just taste them and let me know how you like them.? The crocodile was very pleased at the gesture of the monkey. He obliged him by eating a few jamuns.

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Story on value of good Advice (Fb-y7-Face)

Inspirational: Daboo’s Song- Once upon a time, a washerman in a village had a donkey called Daboo. Daboo carried loads of clothes to the riverbank and back everyday. Since the washerman could not feed Daboo free at night so that he could feed himself in the nearby fields. Once, while wandering around, Daboo befriended a fox and the wandered together in search of food. One night they were eating watermelon in a field. Daboo was so happy to eat the watermelon that he told fox he wanted to sing. “Don’t be a fool.

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Greed is Bad Story (Fb-y8-Face)

Inspirational: The Greedy Dog- Moti, the dog, paid a visit to his friend Mr. Ahmed, the butcher. “Here is a nice meaty bone for you, Moti. Hold it tight and go home.? Said the butcher. Moti thanked the butcher and went away with the bone in his mouth. “How lucky I am!? said Moti to himself as he was crossing a bridge over a stream. Having gone just half-way over the bridge, Moti looked into the water. He saw his own image and thought, “There is another dog with a bone in the water.? Greedy as he was, he wanted both the bones for himself. So, he jumped into the water barking aloud. “Dear me!? gasped Moti as he got to the bank, “I have lost even my own bone.

Moral: Greed is a curse.

Story on using your intelligence (Fb-y9-Face)

Inspirational: The Fox and The Crow- A Crow was sitting on the branch of a tree. He was eating a piece of cheese when a fox came walking by. The fox looked at the cheese and licked his chops. Then she said to the crow, “What a charming bird you are! Your glossy feathers and a fine beak are so beautiful. I am sure your voice is as lovely as your looks.? The Crow felt Flattered and begun to caw loudly-caw..caw…caw. Down fell the piece of cheese which the fox gulped up in no time. “You have a fine voice but no wits, Mr Crow,? said the cunning fox while going away.?

Moral: Beware of cheats.

Over cleverness is bad (Fb-y10-Face)

Inspirational: The Ass and His Load- An ass was being driven to market with a load of salt on his back. He fell down while he was crossing a river which lay across the way. As he got up and struggled to the bank, he found that the load was much lighter. The salt had dissolved in water. “That is so lucky,? thought the ass and said himself, “I must do that every day.? The next day the ass was again taken to market with a load. As he came to the river, he sat down in the river-water for a while. But this time he was carrying a load of many cotton-bales were soaked in water and became twice as heavy as before. The ass felt as if he were dying under their weight.

Moral: It is silly to be over-clever.

Good always gets returns back to you story (Fb-y11-Face)

Inspirational: The Lion and The Mouse- A mouse chanced to run over a sleeping lion one day. The lion woke up and roared in anger. He caught the mouse in his paw. “Spare me, sir, One day I may be able to help you,? begged the mouse. The lion was so amused at this that he let the mouse go. A few days later, the mouse saw the lion caught in a net. He was roaring aloud. “What shall I do for you, sir?? asked the mouse. “Help me get free,’ replied the lion. The mouse at once set about nibbling the strings of the net. Before long the lion was free. He thanked the mouse. “There you are, sir,? said the mouse. “Are you sure now that a mouse can help a lion too?? asked he

Moral: Do good, have good.

Only loosers blames others story (Fb-y12-Face)

Inspirational: The Fox and The Grapes- A hungry fox was roaming in search of food. Suddenly she came to a grape-vine. It had two lovely bunches of ripe grapes hanging from it. Tired and very thirsty as she was, she looked at the grapes with longing eyes. “How good they must taste ! I will try to get them,? said the fox to herself. So, she jumped hard to pluck the grapes but could not. Again she jumped as high as she could but failed to get at them. They were much too high for her indeed. Tired out and very angry, she turned to go away saying to herself, “I am sure they are sour!?

Moral: Those who fail to do something often blame others.

Inspirational Story on Unity (Fb-y13-Face)

The Wise Brahmin- Long ago, in a small village there lived an old Brahmin with his three sons. The three sons were always arguing and fighting with each other. No amount of teaching had changed them. One day, the father decided to teach a lesson to his quarreling sons. He called his oldest son and handed him a stick. He told him to break it. The son broke it easily. The father then called his other two sons and gave them a stick each. He told them to break the sticks. Both the sons broke the sticks easily. The old Brahmin got three more sticks and tied them together. One by one he gave the bundle of sticks to his three sons and asked them to break the bundle without undoing it. The sons tried with all their might to break the bundle. But no one could succeed. The father then explained to them, “If you are united like these sticks, no one can defeat you. There is great strength in unity!?

Intelligent thinking can save from all danger story (Fb-y14-Face)

The Clever Jackal- Long, long ago there lived a jackal named janu. He was very clever. Janu lived in a cave. Every morning he would venture out in search of food and return back to his cave at night. A lion called Simha also lived in the same jungle. Simha was very old and could not hunt any longer. Had also lost a few teeth and was helpless. He lived on small or dead animals. One day Simha was looking for food when he came across Janu’s cave. At once he knew some animal inhabited the cave. Simha thought of hiding inside and waiting for his prey. Janu, the clever jackal returned at night. As he neared his home, he saw the paw prints of Simha. He could also smell his scent. Janu thought for a moment and called out to the cave, “My friend cave! May I come in?? Simha was very hungry by now. He thought maybe the cave and the jackal Talked to each other everyday. He called out, “yes, please come in?. Hearing Simha’s roar Janu ran off, and returned only after Simha left the cave.

Story on Fate (Fb-y15-Face)

The Three Fish- Long, long ago, there lived three fish in a pond. The first fish believed in facing danger when it came. The second fish believed in acting wisely and taking action when needed and the third believed in fate. One day, some fishermen came to the pond. One of them said, ?There are many fish in this pond. Let’s come here tomorrow and catch all of them.? Two of the fish overheard the fishermen’s talk. The second fish gathered all the fish in the pond and said, “Our life is in danger. It’s better that we move to a safer pond.?

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Always trust yourself story (Fb-y16-Face)

Goat or Demon- There was once a Brahmin named Sitaram who performed religious rituals. One day, a rich man gave him a goat. While the Brahmin was walking home with the goat on his shoulders, three rogues saw him. They planned to take away the goat. The first crook approached Sitaram and said, “Why are you carrying a dog?? Sitaram was annoyed. He shouted, “What are you saying? This is not a dog but a goat.?

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Story on not trusting others blindly (Fb-y17-Face)

The Clever Crab- A long time ago, there lived a heron by the side of a pond. It was old and found it difficult to hunt for fish and crabs. One day, the heron got an idea. It went to the side of the pond with a sad face and did not hunt for fish. The fish asked the heron, “Why are you so sad?? The heron replied, “Alas ! I went to an astrologer and he said that soon the pond is going to dry up and all the fish will die. But I know of a pond

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Story on just being yourself (Fb-y18-Face)

There was once a washerman who had a donkey. He was not earning enough to feed the donkey. The donkey was becoming thin and weak. The washerman was worried. One day, the washerman found a tiger’s skin in the forest. He thought, “I will cover the donkey with this skin and send him to the fields to eat. Soon, he will grow fat and strong.? He took the tiger’s skin with him and dressed the donkey in the tiger’s skin and took him to the nearby fields.

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Story on acting clever (Fb-y19-Face)

The Clever Turtle

A starving fox once caught a turtle. But its solid shell prevented the fox from eating it. Pretending to make things easy for the fox, the turtle suggested to him, “Why not try by first putting me in the water for a while to soften me up??

'That seems to be a pretty good idea,', so thought the fox to himself. He carried the turtle to a river and immersed it in the water. The turtle swam his way deep down the river till he surfaced in the mid-stream laughing. “Now I hope, the myth related to your cunningness must have shattered by now? He taunted.

Story on not to daydream (Fb-y20-Face)

The cavalry man and his pets

A cavalry man had a horse and an ox as his pet. One day, those two came to know that their master was about to depart for the war. The horse became worried to think about the dangers he would have to face on the battlefield. But the ox was very happy to think that in the absence of his master, he would have plenty of time to take rest.

But as the luck would have it, the enemy surrendered. To celebrate the defeat of the enemy the cavalryman held a grand banquet where plenty of roast meat was served. Who do you think, was the loser then?

Hardwork is important story (Fb-y21-Face)

The Cricket's Sunny Days

It was summer time and the day was very hot. The cricket resting under a tree was singing happily.

There were thousands of ants also who were creeping around in the wheat field looking for grains to carry back to their ant-hills.

'Poor fellows!' thought the cricket to himself. 'They don't know how to enjoy life. Whenever I see them I find them working hard.'

After summer came the winter. There was no food available for the cricket to eat. He began starving and was on the verge of death. Then the ants took pity on him and offered some wheat grains to eat, which they had stored for themselves during the summer. Now cricket understood the importance of hard work.

Don't imitate others story (Fb-y22-Face)

The Imitating Crow

A crow saw an eagle swooping down on a small rabbit, catching it with its claws and flying back with it to its nest on a high mountain rock.

'What a grand feat!' thought the crow to himself, 'I too shall try to perform the same feat.'

The crow saw a rabbit grazing at a distance. In trying to imitate the eagle, the crow also tried to make a dazzling swoop through the air, but the rabbit proved to be quite heavy for him. And what was worse, when the crow tugged hard, his little claws got caught in the rabbit's soft fur. The result was that he could not fly.

In the meanwhile, the shepherd arrived. He clipped the wings of the crow and took it home to show it to his children and to tell them: “Think, before you act.?

Story about making best use of your talent (Fb-y23-Face)

How to Win a War the Lion's Way

The great king lion was making all the preparations to wage a war. He selected chosen animals to stand in battle field in different positions. At the last moment, he was advised to keep the donkey and the rabbit out of the military operations. The reason: the donkey is a known fool and the rabbit, too delicate an animal.

“Learn the lesson to win a war,? said the lion. “The donkey stays as a trumpeter, because he has a resounding voice and the rabbit being quick will act as a messenger. Now you know how important it is to make the best use of every talent in the war in order to win it.?

Story about using knowledge wisely (Fb-y24-Face)

The Making of a Lion

Long, long ago, four friends from a village learnt many ways to perform pujas and yajans. After the completion of their studies, they set off for their village. While passing through a forest, they came across bones of a lion. One of the friends, Gyanendra, said, “To test our knowledge, let's bring this lion back to life.? Then he assembled all the bones to make it into a skeleton of a lion and chanted some mantras. The second friend, Anupam chanted some mantras and put the skin, flesh and blood into the skelton. The third friend, Subeer, chanted the mantras to put life into the body of the animal.

The fourth friend, Gopi, shouted, “Stop! Please don't do this. It might prove dangerous.? The others did not pay heed to him. Gopi quickly climbed up a tree.

As soon as the huge lion came back to life, he killed all the three men and disappeared into the forest. Gopi came out of hiding and said, “If only you had learnt to use your knowledge at the right place and time.?

Moral: Knowledge must be used wisely.

Too much curiosity is bad story (Fb-y25-Face)

The Little Monkey

Once, some carpenters were working in the hot sun and decided to take a break. They were building a temple. A carpenter was sawing a huge log to cut in into two parts. He pushed a wedge into the split portion of the half sawed log and went with the other workers to a nearby village to eat and take rest. Some monkeys, which were sitting on a tree nearby saw that there was nobody around. So they jumped down from the tree to play with the tools lying there. One small curious monkey started to pull the wedge out of the log. Finally, he sat astride the log and tried to pull with both hands. He had not noticed that his tail was dangling in the split portion. Suddenly, the wedge came out. The split parts of the log firmly snapped shut crushing the monkey's tail in between. The monkey cried in pain. The other monkeys tried to help but in vain.

Finally, with some difficulty the monkey was freed but his tail was cut off forever.

Moral: Too much curiosity is not always good.

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