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Story about correct thinking on correct time (Fb-y26-Face)

The Cap Seller & the Monkeys

Long long ago there lived a cap seller named Raju. He used to visit many villages, towns and small cities to sell colorful caps. One day, he was crossing a dense jungle to reach a new town and he was really tired. Raju thought of resting for a while under a big tree.

He kept his bundle of caps under the tree and went to sleep. There was a big group of monkeys living on that tree.

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Nice Indian Mythological story for kids (Fb-y27-Face)

Rama & the Squirrel

In order to save Sita from Ravana's clutches, Rama needed to cross the sea to reach Lanka. He began praying to the Sea God. The Sea God arose from the depths of the sea and told Rama to build a bridge across the sea. Rama's entire monkey army began building the bridge by placing boulders.

A tiny squirrel, watching everything from her burrow decided to help Rama. She began picking sand and scattered twigs, scurrying back and forth from the shore to the sea.

In time the squirrel had gathered and entire heap. Noticing the dedication of this tiny creature, Rama picked her up on his palm and warmly stroked the animal with his three fingers. It is believed that the three lines which appear on a squirrel's back are due to Rama's blessings.

How the Moon Lost its Light?

Fantastic Mythological Kids Story (Fb-y28-Face)

How the Moon Lost its Light?

King Daksha Prajapati's twenty seven daughters were married to Chandra, the Moon God, on the condition that he would treat them equally. Chandra visited the palace of one wife each night. But he loved only one of his wives, Rohini, and shone the brightest on the night when he visited her. The other wives were very sad and complained to their father, who cursed Chandra that he would stop shining.

All day Surya, the Sun God, nourished Chandra with his light. And at night Chandra produced the divine drink soma which nourished the Gods. But due to Daksha's curse on Chandra, the Gods lost their source of strength. They pleaded to Brahma to help. Brahma advised Chandra to chant the “Mrityunjaya' mantra ten crore times. This pleased Lord Shiva and he partially freed him from the curse. Since then, Chandra shined only on certain nights.

Story about true adice giving friends (Fb-y29-Face)

The Crows and The Cobra- Once upon a time, there lived a crow –couple in a forest. They had their nest in a big banyan tree. In the root-area of the tree there lived a mouse in a hole. The crows and the mouse were good friends. One day a cobra came there. Seeing it, the mouse escaped at once through the other opening of his hole to save its life. So, the cobra made this hole his home for ever. The crow-couple didn’t like the cobra at all. But they were quite helpless indeed. About a month passed peacefully. But the cobra had an evil eye on the birds.

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Inspirational Story on Being Silent (Fb-y30-Face)

Inspirational: The Blue Jackal- Once, a jackal strayed into a village in search of food. Suddenly, a group of dogs started chasing him. While running the jackal fell into a drum full of blue dye. He was covered from head to toe with blue dye. When the animals in the jungle saw the jackal, they became scared. The jackal went to a river and saw that he had become blue. Talking advantage, he told the animals that he was the messenger of the king of Gods. He selected the lion as his Prime Minister and the tiger as the guardian of the bedchamber. The elephant was the doorkeeper. He threw all the other jackals out of the forest. All the animals brought their food to the jackal. Thus, the jackal was living a good life. One day, a herd of jackals passed by the forest howling loudly. On hearing them, the jackal too started howling loudly. When they heard this, the animals realized that they had been tricked by the jackal and killed him.

Moral: Silence is Golden.


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