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A nice eye opener story for all (Fb-Is11-face)

Once as the employees of an office reached there, they saw a big notice which read that the one who was stopping and blocking your growth in this office, passed away yesterday. You can meet the person the last time. So one by one you can go in the conference room and see the person last time.Everyone was first happy that  someone blocking their growth will be no more in the office but they all wanted to see that person once and hence they went towards the conference room. As one by one each employee went inside and then came out they seemed to be very serious as if they had lost someone  very dear. Then next a man who had complaint against everyone, everything, went inside. As soon as  he looked inside the coffin ,he was just about to shout as he saw a mirror inside the coffin and saw his own face in it. He became very angry but then suddenly he saw a note just beside the coffin which read: In this whole world only one person has the power to stop your growth, your success and that is you yourself. You yourself are the only person in this whole world who can change your life either for the good or for the bad.Your life don't change when your boss change. When your friends change. When you partner change. When your office change.Your life changes only when you change. When we break our limited thinking and move towards growth. Our life change, when we realise that for our own life only we ourselves are responsible.

A very beautiful inspirational heart touching story (Fb-Is12-face)

A man always used to buy oranges from an old lady. Always he used to pick up one orange from his bag, taste it and used to tell the old lady, that this orange is less sweet, just taste it. The old lady used to taste the orange and used to say that this orange is sweet. The man used to leave that orange there and went away with the rest. Once his wife asked him, you know that all the oranges are sweet then why do you do so all the time. The man smiled and replied: You see this old lady sells oranges but she never gets the opportunity to taste them so by doing this, I can make her taste at least one orange.Once, one of the nearby vegetable vendor asked the old lady, that this man always makes such a fuss while buying oranges then why at the time of weighing the oranges, you give him more orange?The old lady replied: I know that the man makes a lot of fuss while buying, but he makes this fuss, so that I can also taste the oranges. He thinks that I don't understand it, but I can understand it very well. When I weigh oranges for this man, I can just see his love and respect and hence automatically the oranges increases for him. In this fast, busy world, if we will genuinely think and care about someone, we will surely recieve back that care and love.

Amazing inspiring story on fighting difficulties (Fb-Is13-face)

Once an old cow fell into a well. His owner saw that the cow started crying very loudly. Not knowing how to take the cow out, the owner finally decided that there's no point in saving the cow as it's very old and so he decided to cover the well with sand. The owner called other people and all started to pour sand in the well. As soon as the cow understood what was happening, it began to cry more loudly. However after sometime, people could no more listen the cry of the cow. They saw that as they were pouring sand over it in the well, the cow use to shake off the sand from over her and used to stand on the sand. It kept on doing this way till the time, the sand reached the top level and the cow very easily came out of the well.This story teaches us that even in our lives also we will face many situations where mud and sand will be put over us in different forms to stop us. Many people will try to bury us down, in order to move forward. In this time we should not loose hope and should fight all odds like the cow. Just like the cow, we should also fight so that we can also come out from our difficulties.

Which one to invite- Short story (Fb-Is14-face)

A lady once found three men. She didn't know them but invited them for lunch to her place thinking them to be hungry. But they said that they can't go together. On asking they told their names as wealth, love and success. They asked the lady to discuss it with her husband and decide whom she wanted in the house. The family decided to invite love. But after she invited Love, the other two also followed. Seeing her confusion, all three answered together that had she only invited wealth or success, they would have come alone but wherever love goes, wealth and success also follows.

Nice inspirational story about life (Fb-Is15-face)

A group of alumnus now all well settled met their professor. Gradually all started to complaint about stress, life and work. The professor then came with a large pot of coffee and varieties of cups made of porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal etc. Some were very expensive, some were antique. He asked all to have coffee. When all had coffee, he said, that notice that all the expensive cups were taken and the ordinary cheap ones were left. Its normal to always want the best, but that is the source of all problems and stress. We all know that the cup won't add any quality to the coffee. What all wanted was coffee not cup but still all went for the best ones. And then all started eyeing each other's cups. Life is like coffee.status, work, wealth etc are all like cups. The type of cup we have will never define or change the quality of life that we live.If we just want to better the cup, we don't enjoy the coffee at all. Coffee is important and not cup. The most happy people will not always have the best of things. They just make best of what they have. Just live simple. Love freeheartedly. Care profoundly.

A nice inspiring story about changing life (Fb-Is16-face)

Once a rich man gifted his poor friend a car. When his wife came to know this, she said, Nice, now we won't have any problem in traveling After some months, the man told his wife that his friend took away the gifted car. So the wife said, it's OK Nice now we will not have to pay for its maintenance. Such person who is happy in all situations can never be affected by any sadness. When the situation changes, change your attitude and thinking.

A lovely story teaching us valuable lesson (Fb-Is17-face)

Once in a truck a very beautiful marble sculpture along with marble tiles was traveling together. The tiles asked the sculpture,

Tile: I don't understand why is there,  this discrimination between you and me, when we both come from the same place, we both are going in same truck, we both will be placed in the same house, but still you will be beautifully placed with proper care, while I will be stranded by everyone through their feet. Why so? Why this discrimination?

Sculpture replied: When various machines and hammers were being used on both of us, you couldn't stand the pain and broke. I remained silent. I tolerated all the pain. Slowly i was carved and given beautiful shape and hence became valuable. This happened only as I tolerated all the pain. But as you could not stand the pain, you just broke and hence now you are used as a simple floor tile.

Hence no matter how hard the situation might become we, should never break. We should face it all in order to be turned into something positive like the Sculpture.

Inspirational story with a good message (Fb-Is18-face)

Once some wild dogs attacked a goat. The goat in order to save his life started running and hid in a bush. The dogs went in another direction as they were not able to find the goat who was hiding in the bush. While hiding, the goat started eating the leaves of the bush and forgot the fact that these leaves were only helping him to hide. Slowly slowly he ate away all the leaves, as a result no leaf was left in the bush and the dogs that were roaming around was able to easily locate the goat. They attacked the goat and killed him. This story shows us, we should never destroy the things or person that helps us in survival. We humans are also destroying our trees and environment which plays a major role in our survival.So be it humans or plants, treat all well.

A lovely story on life's law (Fb-Is19-face)

Once a man shifted to a new house that had a very beautiful garden which was filled with trees of different fruits. His neighbor's house was an old one. One morning he saw that someone from the neighboring house threw a bucket full of garbage in front of his door. In the evening, he filled a bucket with fresh fruits and went to his neighbor's house. As soon as he rang their bell, they thought that now this man has come to take revenge of what we did to him in the morning. So they just prepared themselves to fight with him. As they opened the door, they found the man with bucket full of fruits, and with a smile on his face, he said, Sorry, at this moment I only had these fruits, so I could only bring them to offer to your family. True, you give to others only what you have. Spread Love and you will surely recieve it back.

A beautiful inspiring story on beauty (Fb-Is20-face)

Once a man was traveling since a very long period and as a result was very tired and exhausted. He started searching some place to rest, and saw a house and asked permission to rest for sometime. The owner of the house agreed and gave the man a room just opposite to his room. As the man was going out of his room, he saw the owner, who was in his room admiring himself in the mirror. This astonished the man, because the owner was very ugly, so how could he admire himself in the mirror. He saw the owner doing this several times in the whole day.

Finally out of curiosity, he asked the owner, why you admire yourself so much in the mirror?The owner replied, I know that I am not good looking, and so I look myself in the mirror. Doing this, my ugliness always make me realise that by improving as a person, by doing kind, beautiful acts in life, I can become a beautiful person. And inner beauty is what matters, not your physical beauty. I keep myself positive in all situations.

Anyone can be beautiful from outside, but a mirror will show you your true self, not only physically but also how you are as a person. It helps you interspect your own self.


True fact on life and money (Fb-Is21-face)

I am money

I am lifeless..

If you look at me, I won't even look at you, but if I am with you, then everyone surely looks at you.

If you talk to me, I won't even talk back to you, but if I am with you, then everyone talks with you.

If I am with you, then I am yours, If I am not with you, then I am not yours, But if I am with you then everyone is yours.

I am not God, still people worships me.

After you die you cannot take me up with you, but while you are still alive I can take you   very high up.

Think someday, do you actually love me, the answer is no one loves me.

Everyone likes me as I am the medium for their happiness.

When needed I am money, otherwise I am just a piece of paper.

I am like salt, which is necessary, but excess of it can distaste our life.

Like me, but only till that point that others don't start disliking you.

I am money...

An inspiring story on Hope (Fb-Is22-face)

There was darkness all around. Amidst this darkness, there were 4 candles burning. The first candle said, “ I am peace,  but now I think that this world don't need me anymore. I can't stay here anymore, and then finally the candle was put off. The second candle said, “I am Trust, in this world where there is only lie and fraud, I am not required. And so this candle also was put off. The third candle said, “I am love , and in today's world where there is only hatred, and people are busy hating each other, I am also not required. So I am also going and saying this , the third candle was also put off.

Then a small child came and as he saw all the three candles off, he started crying and said, how can you 3 leave us in between. You all were supposed to stay with us till the end.

Then the 4th candle said, “don't cry my child, no matter who ever leave you, I will never leave you. I am Hope and till the time I am there , we can together light up the other 3 candles also.

Hence when we find disappointment everywhere, everyone has left us, we are all alone, one thing we should never leave is HOPE.

HOPE can make us win all other things back. 

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