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A remarkable quote on growing up.( Inspi-Fb-Ic10-Face)

When a child grows up, he's given a pen instead of pencil to make him realize, that now his mistakes can't be erased off so easily.

Impressive Inspirational quote on correct life attitude ( Fb-Ic11-Face)

Do such work that everybody knows your name

Or Make your name such, that just your name is enough to get all the work done.

A spectacular leadership quote ( Fb-Ic12-Face)

Real Leadership means to lead people towards the correct path and not to dictate them.

Amazing Inspiring Quote on success ( Fb-Ic13-Face)

We can find 7 ways to success in our room only

Roof signifies- Always keep your aim high

Fan signifies- Always stay cool

Clock signifies- Value of time

Mirror signifies- Look inside you before doing anything

Window signifies- look around

Calender signifies- Alway be up to date

Door signifies- Always try with your full force to achieve your aim

Amazing Inspirational Thoughtful quote ( Fb-Ic14-Face)

Only two things in this world spread the more you give , Laughter and Blessings

A meaningful quote on blessings ( Fb-Ic15-Face)

The fastest speed on this earth is of blessings that reach God even before they reach to our tongue.

An amazing Inspiring quote on walking alone ( Fb-Ic17-Face)

Those who have the courage to walk alone,

One day the whole world follows them.

Beautiful Inspirational quote on relationships ( Fb-Ic6-Face)

Relations are like leaves, sometimes beautiful, sometimes dry,

We should learn from roots, the art of maintaining Relations.

Amazing attitude quote ( Fb-Ic7-Face)

I Said to a currency note , you are just a piece of paper.

Note REPLIED- I know that, but I don't know how a dustbin looks like.

That's Attitude.

Amazing Inspirational true quote ( Fb-Ic8-Face)

We can find any thing in this world, except our own faults.

A marvellous life quote ( Fb-Ic9-Face)

Make your mind a jewelery box filled with precious moments, love, laughter and beautiful souvenirs

And not a dustbin filled with the rotten thoughts, annoyance, displeasure and jealousy.

Very true quote on fact of life ( Fb-Ic18-Face)

When we were small, we used to forget everything, people said, learn to remember

Now after growing up, when we remember all, people say, learn to forget.

True quote on anger ( Fb-Ic19-Face)
Anger and storm both are same, the damage done by both is known only when it slows down.

Beautiful Inspirational Amazing quote ( Fb-Ic20-Face)
Some Best place to be in in this world

In someone's memories

in someone's prayer

and in God's hands

Lovely quote on God ( Fb-Ic21-Face)

The best communication network ever created is by God, called prayer, which is never without signal and never require any recharge. Just simply use it anywhere.

Incredible code on respect ( Fb-Ic22-Face)
The best loan that we can give to anyone is Respect, as only this will be returned back to us with a very high interest.

Nice Poetic Inspirational Quote about Value of Friends ( Fb-Ic23-Face)

There's a change in everyone's life

Some is busy with their girlfriends

Some are crazy about their wifes

Some just have your number saved

Some others, strangely they behave

Life will always be busy

Friends make your life easy

Have time for them, even when for dying you might be too busy.

A true Inspiring quote about life ( Fb-Ic24-Face)

Earlier I was intelligent, so I wanted to improve the world.

Now that I understand life a little more, I am trying to improve myself.

Lovely quote about smile and life ( Fb-Ic25-Face)
Smile and Help are the two things that the more you give to others, the more it returns back to you.

Amazing Inspirational quote on relationships ( Fb-Ic26-Face)
In every game we can hear “Breaking of rules prohibited�? In every garden we can see written, “ Plucking of flowers prohibited�? In many offices we see written, “Breaking of silence prohibited�?

I wish In all relations we find written somewhere, Breaking of hearts is prohibited.

Awesome Inspiring quote on understanding people ( Fb-Ic27-Face)

There's always a little truth hidden, when someone says , “I was just joking�?

There's always a little hidden feeling, when someone says , “ It doesn't matter�?

There's always some sadness involved, when someone says, “ Its Ok�?

There's always some hidden need, when someone says, “ Leave me alone�?

There's always some hidden meaning, when someone says, “ I don't know�?

There's an ocean of unsaid emotions, when someone is silent.

Understand all, Share life with friends.

A quote on facing challenges ( Fb-Ic28-Face)
If there are many stones in your path, wearing a good pair of shoes you can easily walk that path. But if there is, even just one stone inside your shoes, then it becomes difficult for us to walk even two steps.

Similarly We are never defeated by the outside challenges. We are defeated by our own weaknesses that don't allow us to face those challenges.

Lovely Inspiring quote on evolution of people ( Fb-Ic29-Face)
Evolution of people in maintaining relationships:

People many years ago: were very emotional and used to make true relationships for life.

People then became practical and started taking advantage of all relationships that they made.

And now people have become professional, they only make those relationships, which will be beneficial for them .

Some nice tips for good living ( Fb-Ic30-Face)
Live not to look good, Live to be good.

Anger is that wind that can blow off the lamp of thinking.

If we don't change our bad habit on time, Bad habits will change our time.

Always speak the language of love, which even the deaf can hear and dumb can understand.

By moving ahead only can be successful, still water also becomes stagnant.

Always have the courage to accept your own faults.

The most intelligent person is that person who knows his weaknesses and works to improve them.

An amazing Inspirational life quote ( Fb-Ic31-Face)
Always remember, When we are in Anger, we are just one letter short of Danger.

While in Good mood, we are one letter more than GOD. SO Think Wisely, Act Wisely.

A nice Inspiring quote about family ( Fb-Ic32-Face)
There is no wealth, more precious than Family.

No one can give you a better suggestion than your Father.

There is no place better than Mother's Lap.

There is no better Well wisher of yours than your Sister

There is no other best friend you can have, than your Partner.

In short There is no Life, without Family.

Some Inspiring and Nice Thoughts ( Fb-Ic33-Face)

Never ever underestimate any person in life , as even a stopped watch will show the correct time Twice.

A person who always finds faults in others is like a Fly, that will always go and sit over a dirty place, even though when there will be nice beautiful places around.

The things we get very quickly, without any effort, don't lasts long and the things those lasts long , we don't get them easily.

The best thing about your worst time is that you come to know who are your real best friends.

Illness comes like a rabbit and goes like a tortoise while Money comes like tortoise and goes like a rabbit.

Never ever lose hope, if your efforts are failing

As sometimes even the last key of the bunch can open the lock.

Ups and Down in our life are very necessary

Because in an ECG report a straight line means, death.

Don't try to find good people in life

You yourself become good

As you never know that after meeting you, whose SEARCH MIGHT END.

Nice Inspirational Line by Ratan Tata ( Fb-Ic34-Face)
If you want to Walk Fast, walk alone

But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together.

Some Inspiring Nice Lines to think about ( Fb-Ic35-Face)
Poor walk miles for food, Rich walk for digesting food.

Someone has no food even for one time, while someone has no time to eat food.

Someone is weak, so they are ill while someone is ill hence they are weak.

Someone leaves food for loved ones while someone leaves loved ones for food.

True Life has taught us all a lot . Life is too short, love all, live well.

Nice Technological Life Rules ( Fb-Ic36-Face)
Some nice rules that we should follow to improve our life

Delete Sadness

Save Happiness

Recharge Relationships

Download Friendship

Erase Enmity

Broadcast Truth

Switch off Lie

Not Reachable Tension

Incoming Love

Outgoing Hatred

Inbox Laughter

Outbox Cries

Hold Anger

Send Smiles

Ok to Help

Vibrate your Heart Follow these instructions, then see how the Ring tone of life, sounds so good.

A very nice Inspiring and impressive quote ( Fb-Ic37-Face)
If you remain positive, you can always find a solution to all your problems but

If you become negative, you will find some fault in all the solutions.

BE Positive.

Nice quote on inspiring nature ( Fb-Ic38-Face)
Keep doing your good work, even if no one acknowledges it. Just like a Sun always shine even when many people are sleeping.

So Be a Sun, Keep Shining.

Nice Inspirational quote on Relationships and expectations ( Fb-Ic39-Face)
No relation ever cheats us. We are cheated by the expectation that we keep from those relations.

Small unique quotes on success ( Fb-Ic40-Face)
Excuses Vs Success

I didn't get the relevant education...

Even Henry Ford, owner of Ford Motors didn't receive relevant education.

I have failed so many times that I have no energy left now...

Abraham Lincoln became president after loosing 15 times.

I belong to a very poor family.

President A.P.J. Abdul kalam also belonged to a very poor family.

I didn't have good health since my childhood days, so my health didn't permit me...

Oscar Winning Actress Merly Metlin was deaf and had bad health.

Every one says I am less intelligent, so how can I do something great..

Thomas Alva Edison was also called less intelligent since his childhood.

I lost my father at a very young age..

Oscar winning musician, A.R,Rehman also lost his father at a very young age.

My company has been bankrupted once.Now who will have faith in me..

Major soft drink company, Pepsi Co. Has also been bankrupted twice.

I have had nervous breakdown, now what great can I do...

Disneyland Creator Walt Disney has also had nervous breakdown.

Now I am not youg.What can I do at this age...

Worldwide Famous Kentuki Fried Chiken owner opened his first restaurant atthe age of 60.

I have valuable and important ideas but people think it to be worthless...

The idea of photocopy machine was also thought to be worthless and rejected by

many and today the result is infront of everyone.

Hence today no matter wherever you are or tomorrow no matter wherever you will be, you cannot blame anyone for your condition. So make your choice today, to be a successful person or to have your own set of excuses.

A nice Inspiring learning quote ( Fb-Ic41-Face)
Never destroy your opportunities for your short-lived comfort.

Fabulous quote on heart ( Fb-Ic42-Face)
Brain one day asked Heart: Why do you keep sending messages to people without any reason.

Heart's answer: You need Reasons. I need Relations.

Exquisite Inspirational nice quote ( Fb-Ic43-Face)
Do something for someone without expecting anything in return, because someone very correctly said, you will often find beautiful smell from the hands of people who sell flowers.

A beautiful quote on life's moments ( Fb-Ic44-Face)
Life is not in future or in past, life is in present moment, so live each moment well.

An inspirational quote on life ( Fb-Ic45-Face)
Life is like a mirror, It smiles back, only when you smile.

A nice Inspiring quote on good heart ( Fb-Ic46-Face)
Its equally important to have a good heart along with a good nature. Nice heart can win many relationships while nice nature can win many hearts.

A thoughtful quote on money ( Fb-Ic47-Face)
Money can buy you many things

But a wonderful heart can get you all that money can't in life.

Delighful Inspirational quote on success ( Fb-Ic48-Face)
Like a lamp's light defines it, let your success also speak about you.

An incredible Inspiring quote on trust ( Fb-Ic49-Face)
Money might buy all things in this world except broken trust.

A splendid true time quote ( Fb-Ic50-Face)   
The biggest teacher in this world is Time, because what time can teach us, no one else can.

A mind blowing quote on life virtues ( Fb-Ic51-Face)    
Our biggest wealth is our health

Our best treasure is our satisfaction

And Our best friend is our self confidence.

A lovely Inspiring quote on happiness ( Fb-Ic52-Face)    
Being happy is the best mental exercise that we can do.

A stunning delightful quote ( Fb-Ic53-Face)    
Happiness is the only treasure which multiplies the more we share.

A nice educational Inspirational Quote ( Fb-Ic54-Face)    
Your degrees don't tell about your personality
But your behavior with others surely do.

An amazing Inspirational quote on luck ( Fb-Ic55-Face)    
Our luck might not favor us all the time
But when it does, it completely changes our time.

A nice Inspiring learning life quote ( Fb-Ic56-Face)    
Every conversation is a chance to learn, provided we are willing to improve instead of prove

A nice lovely quote ( Fb-Ic57-Face)    
If you can't, make others laugh
Don't laugh on others.

Nice Inspiring Attitude Quote ( Fb-Ic58-Face)    
Just ignore those who talk bad behind you
As they are there, where they belong, Behind you.

Lovely Inspirational quote on self belief ( Fb-Ic59-Face)    
Even when the branches of the tree shakes, birds don't fly, because it has belief in it's own wings.

Nice Inspirational Life Lessons ( Fb-Ic60-Face)    
Only one flame can eliminate all darkness
Only one smile can eliminate all dullness
Only a prayer can eliminate all negativity.

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