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Nice Inspirational poetic Life quote.( Fb-Ic61-Face)

Our Life is like a Kite, we don't know which way it will sway away
We can just know one thing, that night and age, both will slowly pass away

Mindblowing Inspiring quote on Mind (Fb-Ic62-Face)

When our mind is weak, our circumstances become problem for us.
When our mind is stable, our circumstances become challenge for us.
When our mind is strong, our circumstances become opportunity for us..

A quote on nice persons in life ( Fb-Ic63-Face)

Being with a nice person is like being in a perfume shop, we get the aroma for sure, even if we don't buy it.

An extraordinary Inspiring quote life's teachings ( Fb-Ic64-Face)

When you see some good in someone, make your heart a camera
And when you see some bad in someone , make your heart a mirror.

A strange yet true Quote ( Fb-Ic65-Face)

Our Palm lines are very strange- they are in our hands, but are out of our control.
Strange but true.

Lovely Inspirational quote on friendship ( Fb-Ic66-Face)

If a true friend gets angry with us 100 times, we should always try to win them back
Because no matter how many times a precious diamond necklace breaks, we always have to mend it back.

An impressive Inspiring quote on improving mistakes ( Fb-Ic67-Face)

Always try to learn from the mistakes of others, because if you try to learn from your own mistake each time, your whole life will be less.

Nice Inspirational attitude changing quote ( Fb-Ic68-Face)

It's not compulsory that every time we throw a stone to break off something,
Sometimes just a change of attitude is enough.

Good Inspiring quote on true friends ( Fb-Ic69-Face)

I never search for good friends
Whoever I make friend becomes good for me.

Poetic Inspirational quote on value of time ( Fb-Ic70-Face)

Time can change bad to good
Time can change a poor to king
Always value time as its Time only
That can change even black coal to a precious Diamond ring.

Incredible Attitude Quote ( Fb-Ic71-Face)

Always be like a needle and not like a scissor in this life
As a needle always sticks two pieces together
While a scissor always divides two pieces.
Your way of working and attitude is what matters.

Valuable Inspirational life lesson quote ( Fb-Ic72-Face)

No one will ever be similar to us, we will have to adjust or compromise.
Adjust for those who wants to be with you
And compromise for those with whom you want to be.

Simple Life living Inspiring quote ( Fb-Ic73-Face)

If everyone is content with you, it simply means you have compromised a lot in life
And if you are content with everyone, then you have overlooked faults of people.

A positive attitude Inspiring quote ( Fb-Ic74-Face)

Alter your views and your world will also alter.

Nice Inspirational quote on importance of words ( Fb-Ic75-Face)

Our thoughts creates us so we should always keep a check on what we think. Our thoughts and words can either create us or destroy us.

Beautiful Law of life quote ( Fb-Ic76-Face)

Our life becomes like an echoed place- what we give surely returns back to us.

A teaching must for all in life ( Fb-Ic77-Face)

Always agree to what you cannot convert
And Convert what you cannot agree to.

Beautiful Inspiring unique quote on life ( Fb-Ic78-Face)

Eyes are not any lake, still they get wet
Ego is not any body, still it gets hurt
Enmity is no seed, still it's sown
Lips are not cloth, still they are sewed
Humans are not any season still they change.

True facts about life ( Fb-Ic79-Face)

When we close a tap, only it closes, not the water
When we stop a watch, only it stops , not the time
When we blow off a lamp, only it puts off, not light
When we hide a lie, only it's hidden, not the truth
When we love, we get back love only

Some amazing true teachings ( Fb-Ic80-Face)

Hope should be such that it takes you to your aim
Aim should be such that it teaches you the art of living
\Living should be such that it values all relations
Relations should be such which no one can ever forget.

Quote on importance of support ( Fb-Ic81-Face)

If someone asks for your advise then along with your advise also give your support, because advise can go wrong but not your support.

Quote on true humans ( Fb-Ic82-Face)

I so wish sometimes that humans were also like currency notes, so that we could have some guidelines to distinguish between the true and false ones.

Good inspiring quote on true relations ( Fb-Ic83-Face)

Wealthy is not he, whose life is filled with money and wealth
Wealthy is he, whose life is filled with good relations and health.

An emotional inspirational quote on life's emotions ( Fb-Ic84-Face)

A song cannot make you cry, but it's lyrics that remind you of someone or some moment makes you cry.

A stunning quote on smile ( Fb-Ic85-Face)

Smile is that miraculous key which can open even the most unknown doors.
An astounding inspiring quote on friendship ( Fb-Ic86-Face)

Friendship is that beautiful emotion which always multiplies our happiness and divides our sorrows.

A quote we should think about ( Fb-Ic87-Face)

Always try to prevent the small mistakes in life because we don't stumble and fall because of a mountain but we fall because of a small stone.

An amazing Inspirational attitude quote ( Fb-Ic88-Face)

My nature and My attitude are two different things. My nature is me while my attitude is determined by you.

Quote on value of people in life ( Fb-Ic89-Face)

Each and every person in our life plays a very important role
Nice persons gives us joy
Bad persons teach us a lesson
And the most amazing persons gives us the most beautiful remembrances
Hence Value all in life.

A lovely inspirational quote on faith-Fb-Ic90-Face)

Make god the driving force of your life, because when all is in his control, nothing can be out of control.

Nice learning inspiring quote on life ( Fb-Ic91-Face)

2 things that cannot be revived back in life
Word after it's spoken
Time after it's lost

Quote on luck and life ( Fb-Ic92-Face)

Humans can copy everything, except Luck and destiny.

Amazing inspirational quote on wealth ( Fb-Ic93-Face)

Wealth is a very strange thing, when it comes, we tend to forget ourselves and when it goes, the whole world forgets us.

Lovely quote on human heart ( Fb-Ic94-Face)

Heart is the only organ in human body that works without taking any rest. Always keep heart happy, be it yours or anyone else’s.

Inspiring quote on time ( Fb-Ic95-Face)

The biggest teacher of life is Time because what time can teach, no one else can ever.

Learning inspirational quote on forgiveness ( Fb-Ic96-Face)

We should learn to forgive, because who lacks forgiveness, also lacks ability to love.

Smiley quote on smile ( Fb-Ic97-Face)

Tension causes pimples
Crying causes wrinkles
Only smiling and grinning leads to dimples

A very beautiful inspiring nice thought ( Fb-Ic98-Face)

If someone hurts you, don't feel bad, just remember that the tree which bears the most fruits only gets struck with most stones.

An incredible quote on not giving up ( Fb-Ic99-Face)

We become the weakest not when we fail but when we just give up.

A very positive inspirational quote on positive thinking ( Fb-Ic100-Face)

Each and every positive thought of ours, brings us more closer towards the right direction.


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