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Excuses Vs Success
    I didn't get the relevant education...
    Even Henry Ford, owner of Ford Motors didn't receive relevant education.

    I have failed so many times that I have no energy left now...
    Abraham Lincoln became president after loosing 15 times.

    I belong to a very poor family.
    President  A.P.J. Abdul kalam also belonged to a very poor family.

    I didn't have good health since my childhood days, so my health didn't permit me...
    Oscar Winning Actress Merly Metlin was deaf and had bad health.

    Every one says I am less intelligent, so how can I do something great..
    Thomas Alva Edison was also called less intelligent since his childhood.
    I lost my father at a very young age..
    Oscar winning musician, A.R,Rehman also lost his father at a very young age.

    My company has been bankrupted once.Now who will have faith in me..
        Major soft drink company, Pepsi Co. Has also been bankrupted twice.
        I have had nervous breakdown, now what great can I do...
        Disneyland Creator Walt Disney has also had nervous breakdown.

        Now I am not youg.What can I do at this age...
        Worldwide Famous Kentuki Fried Chiken owner opened his first restaurant at the         age of 60.

        I have valuable and important ideas but people think it to be worthless...
        The idea of photocopy machine was also thought to be worthless and rejected by
        many and today the result is infront of everyone.

        Hence today no matter wherever you are or tomorrow no matter wherever you will         be, you cannot blame anyone for your condition. So make your choice today, to be a         successful person or to have your own set of excuses.
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