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Never ever underestimate any person in life , as even a stopped watch will show the correct time Twice.

A person who always finds faults in others is like a Fly, that will always go and sit over a     dirty place, even though when there will be nice beautiful places around.

The things we get very quickly, without any effort, don't lasts long and the things those lasts long , we don't get them easily.

The best thing about your worst time is that you come to know who are your real best friends.

Illness comes like a rabbit and goes like a tortoise while Money comes like tortoise and goes like a rabbit.  
Never ever lose hope, if your efforts are failing
    As sometimes even the last key of the bunch can open the lock.

    Ups and Down in our life are very necessary
    Because in an ECG report a straight line means, death.

    Don't try to find good people in life
    You yourself become good
    As you never know that after meeting you, whose SEARCH MIGHT END.
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