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Nice Ayurvedic remedy for Swine Flu (Fb-h56-Face)

Ayurvedic treatment for Swine flu

Take equal amount of camphor and cardamom. Make a mixture and tie them in a linen cloth. Keep this with you and keep smelling it in every 1-2 hours. This kills the germs of Swine flu.

Health article on Kidney problem (Fb-h57-Face)

Famous Kidney specialist from Mumbai DR. Tony Almeda have tried and tested this following natural medicine for the control of Blood Sugar

Take Wheat 10 gm

Gum of tree 100 gm

Oat 100 gm

And Black Cumin 100 gm

Take and mix all these ingredients in water in a cup and boil them for 10 minutes. Let it cool down and then filter it and keep it in a bottle .

For 7 days drink one small cup of this water daily before eating in the morning

Then next week do these on alternate mornings. And then you can see the result yourself.

Tips for normalizing heart beat (Fb-h58-Face)

Having Walnut, Cashew, Almonds etc helps in providing strength to body. This normals the heart beat.

Drinking Carrot Juice is also helpful.

For normalizing heart beat having two apples daily is also very beneficial.


Nice remedy for Asthma (Fb-h59-Face)

Tips for Asthma

Mixing Ginger juice and honey and having it 2-3 times in a day helps in reducing cough.

Crush Asafoetida(Hing) and Camphor(Kapoor) and make small balls of them and let them dry. Having these balls is also very beneficial for Asthma

Take 2-3 Basil(Tulsi) leaves and crush them. In this mix honey and then giving this to kids suffering from Asthma is very helpful.

Home Remedies for Tubercolosis(TB) (Fb-h60-Face)

Put 2-3 garlic in milk and boil it. Next filter this milk and drink. Its helpful for fighting this disease.

Having Onion salad with salt sprinkled on it is also very helpful.

Drinking Coconut water destroys the bacteria of TB.

Amazing Remedy for Malaria (Fb-h61-Face)

1.Having 8-10 Basil leaves during rainy season is very beneficial.

2.Take Half gram turmeric, 20 gram honey and half gram rock salt and boil all of them in water. Then filter and give this liquid to the patient.

3.Take Basil leaves and Ajwain( Carum copticum) and boil them in water. Filter this liquid and mix Black pepper and Black salt in it. Drinking this morning and evening is very useful in Malaria.

4.Take about 5 gram bittergourd(karela) fresh leaves and add grinded cumin seed in it. Having this morning evening helps in Malaria.

Home remedies for cold (Fb-h62-Face)

1.Mixing Ginger juice and honey is beneficiel in cold.

2.Take about 25-30 gram of Ajwain( Carum copticum) and tie it up in a small cloth. Heat this cloth a little bit. Smelling this tied up cloth from time to time helps in opening of nasal and also reduces sneeze.

3.Have tea made with Ginger and Basil Leaves(Tulsi) .

4.Take 2-3 drops of clove(laung) oil and mix it with sugar.Having this helps in getting relief from headache.

Some Remedies for relief from Pneumonia (Fb-h63-Face)

1.Because of heavy coughing, the patient can get pain in the chest muscles. Take 5gram of Garlic juice and mix it in mild warm water. Taking this water many times in the day provides relief from the pain.

2.Add honey to boiling water. Now drinking this warm water gives relief from Pneumona.

3.Grind 3 black pepper along with 10 gram Basil leaves and dissolve it in water. Giving this to the patient gives relief from Pneumonia.

4.To reduce the effect of cough in 6 gram of ginger juice add honey and give this to patient.

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