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Amazing Health Benefits of OM (Fb-h45-Face)

When we chant OM, it creates a sound in our throat which has positive effect on our Thyroid Gland.

Om helps in controlling the particles in our body which creates stress.

Chanting OM helps in keeping the blood circulation and heart normal.

Chanting OM helps in digestion.

Chanting OM before sleeping helps in solving the problem of Insomnia.

Tips for Healthy Living using Water (Fb-h46-Face)

The correct time to drink water

3 glass after waking up in the morning activates inner energy

1 glass after bath removes the problem of Blood Pressure

2 glass, 30 minutes before eating improves digestion.

Half glass before sleeping saves from Heart Attack


Healthy Living Habits for weight loss (Fb-h47-Face)

Tips to reduce weight

Sufficient amount of sleep- Too much or too less sleep leads to weight gain. A person who gets sufficient amount of sleep, is not only stress free but it also helps in reducing weight.

Walking- By walking all the muscles of our body gets good exercise. Walking 1.6km burns around 100 calories.

Drinking Water- Water helps in removing the toxic substances from our body. This increases our Metabolism and hence helps in reducing weight. We should drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water.

Chew and Eat- When we eat by chewing very well and not in a hurry, it helps in digestion and we don't feel hungry for a long time.

Fruit Juice- If sugar is not mixed in fruit juice then it's a very effective way of loosing weight. Drinks like Coconut water, fruit juice helps in reducing weight.

Eating An Apple- An apple contains very less calory. It contains Pectin fibre which controls the LDL cholestrol. Eating two apples a day can reduce about 16% of their cholestrol.

Important Health Tips (Fb-h48-Face)

Answer phone calls with the left ear.

Don't take your medicine with cold water

Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm

Don't lie down immediately after taking medicines or after meals.

When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

Habits affecting brain negatively (Fb-h49-Face)

These habits can affect your brain negatively

Missing Breakfast

Over eating


High intake of sugar

More sleeping in the morning

Eating while watching TV

Wearing Cap or socks while sleeping

Using more brain during sickness

Blocking or stopping urine

Wonderful Use of Ghee (Fb-h50-Face)

Important uses of Ghee

Putting Ghee in nose removes allergy.

Putting ghee in nose helps in reducing hair loss

Taking half spoon of ghee, helps in stopping hiccups.

Ghee helps in reducing acidity

Ghee helps in the prevention of Cancer

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Health Tips for a Great and a Healthy Living