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An easy healthy tip for High BP (Fb-h1-Face)

High Blood pressure- A very simple and effective way to reduce your High Blood Pressure-
Do not put your arms under your head while sleeping. You may use a thicker pillow to make it convenient.
Sure to normalize blood pressure in most of the cases in a single day itself. No doctors, no medicines required- no side effects.
Convey this message to as many as you know who may be having High Blood Pressure as it's the easiest and the simplest remedy ever discovered for normalizing High Blood Pressure.

Nice Useful Tips for Health (Fb-h2-Face)

Best Time of Eating Following Foods
Milk- The best time to have warm milk is at night as it helps in getting proper sleep. Have a glass of milk in morning only if you do lots of physical activity after that.
Bananas- We should eat them at noon, as its good for digestion. Avoid Eating at night as it can lead to cold.
Walnut- Works best when taken in the evening. It helps in improving the health of the brain. Taking them in Noon or night reduces it's value.

Amazing Health Tip (Fb-h3-Face)

If suppose you are alone in some place from where the hospital is far and no one is near by and you suddenly have an heart attack, then how you can save yourself?
In such a situation by coughing with force one can keep themselves stable. Breathe heavily before coughing every time This should be continued till the time no helped is received so that the heart beat becomes normal.
Forceful coughing creates oxygen in the lungs and as the heart shrinks, the blood circulation becomes normal.

Easy Healthy Tip (Fb-h4-Face)

A nice, easy and cheap way for cleaning our kidneys
Take some coriander leaves and after cutting, put them in a small pot. Put clean water and boil it for about 10 minutes and let it to cool down. Now after filtering store it in a bottle and refrigerate. Drinking this water everyday removes all the unwanted salt and accumulated impurities through urine.

Nice healty usage of Jaggery (Fb-h5-Face)

During winters after eating, eat Jaggery. Old jaggery always works as a medicine. It helps in digestion and increases the desire to eat. Along with celenium it works like an antioxidant. It contains Magnesium hence it helps in recharging the body and removes lethargy.

Having Jaggery everyday, controls high blood pressure. It also increases the Hemoglobin level.
Having Jaggery after meals helps in overcoming the problem of acidity.
During winters, if someone have pain in their ears, eating Jaggery and Ghee with food, reduces the pain.

Health benefit tips of lemon (Fb-h6-Face)

The skin of lemon contains about 5-10 times more vitamin C

The skin of lemon helps in removal of Cancer. It is about 10000 times more beneficial than Chemotherapy.

Its good for removal of Bacterial Infection, fungus etc

The skin of lemon is beneficial in the cure of more than 12 types of Cancer and that too without any side effects.

Health tips for curing Dengue (Fb-h7-Face)

If someone is suffering from Dengue, give the patient these natural things

Pomegranate Juice

Juice of Papaya leaves

Pomegranate juice helps in the creation of blood and gives the patient the strength to fight against the disease.

Papaya leaves juice helps in increasing the platelets of the patient.

Beneficial health tips (Fb-h8-Face)

Raw Green Bananas contain Potassium which is very good for health. It should be consumed only after cooking on low oil. It helps in improving digestion and is very useful when someone suffers from Diarrhea

Health Tips for solving White hair problem (Fb-h9-Face)

Make a paste of Indian Gooseberry(Amla) and Water and apply it on your hair. Wash it off after 15 minutes with cold water. This will help to blacken the hair.

In lemon juice, mix gooseberry and apply this paste on your hair.

Make a paste by crushing Onion and apply it on your hair. This will also help in blackening of hair.

Health and beauty tips (Fb-h10-Face)

Instead of face wash, try to wash your face with Milk and gram flour.

For dark circles under your eyes, every night before sleeping just massage some Almond Oil. It gives new life to your skin.

Dip some cotton in Rosewater and keep this cotton in fridge for sometime. Then wipe your face with this cotton. It helps in removing all the dirt and oil from your face.

Some unique Health Tips (Fb-h11-Face)

If you want calcium other than a glass of milk, you can also have Brocoli.

If we put some Cinnamon in our food from above, it helps a lot in the release of Insulin.

If you are having stress, have Parsley. It helps in solving depression problem.

Beneficial tips for Diabetes (Fb-h12-Face)

1.Having Bittergourd, Blackberry, Neem, Fenugreek helps alot Diabetic patients.

2.Eating Blackberry during rainy season is very helpful.

Some nice tips for fighting Fever (Fb-h13-Face)

Put 10 leaves of Basil and black pepper in water and boil .Then filter it and drink that water. This leads to sweat in the patient and the fever goes away.

Amazing Health Information (Fb-h14-Face)

If someone is suffering from migraine problem then having 10-12 almonds is very beneficial and is just as similar to two aspirins.

Good Health Tips (Fb-h15-Face)

Mint has a very strong smell which helps in clearing up the congestion of nose, throat and lungs. It helps in getting relief from diseases like Asthma and Common Cold.

Benefits of Water for health (Fb-h16-Face)

Helps in reducing Weight.

Helps in the prevention of Joint Pains and Arthritis.

Helps in having Healthy Skin

Keeps Heart Healthy

Removes Toxins from the body

Decreases the risk of getting Cancer

Amazing Tip for Good Health (Fb-h17-Face)

Eating one Garlic every day is very beneficial for health. Having a garlic reduces the amount of disease causing chemical.

Importance of Walk Health Tip (Fb-h18-Face)

If you want good health, just walk. Walking does miracle for your health. Walking about a mile everyday helps in reducing heart disease and also keeps the bones strong.

Research Based Tip for health (Fb-h19-Face)

Supplement with selenium: As per study having daily supplement of Selenium reduces Cancer by 37%.

Amazing Tip for Headache (Fb-h20-Face)

Headache-just a head massage is all you need: Just having a head massage with peppermint oil is all you need. Peppermint contains menthol which has got analgesic properties.

Important Healthy Tip (Fb-h21-Face)

If you have a test or an important board meeting to attend and you just can't remember the figures then just try and smell the scent of Rosemary herb or Rosemary Oil. It helps in increasing alertness and improves memory a lot

Way to Good Health Tip (Fb-h22-Face)

Bananas way to good health- A rich source of potassium, bananas are very helpful and make people less prone to high blood pressure. Along with this, reducing sodium from diet is also very useful.

Nice Ayurvedic Tip for health (Fb-h23-Face)

Tulsi the remedy for all moods- Tulsi or Basil leaves, this Ayurvedic herb contains the property to manage the stress hormones. It helps in boosting up of our moods.

Natural Health Tip (Fb-h24-Face)

If you are having Indigestion problem, try having mint tea after you take food. Mint helps in the movement of bile, which in turn helps in digestion more quickly. However if you have the problem of acid reflux, use this idea with caution after consulting doctor.

Beneficial Easy Health Tip (Fb-h25-Face)

Cough Syrup Vs Honey- Cough Syrup just makes you feel sleepy all the time. Instead before going to bed take 2 teaspoon honey. It works much better than any cough syrup.

Health Tips on Gums and Teeth (Fb-h26-Face)

Brocoli solution for healthy Gums- Including Brocoli in our meals increases our intake of Vitamin C as Brocoli is a very good source of Vitamin C along with Calcium. Deficiency of Both Vitamin C and Calcium can lead to gum and dental problems.

Some very easy tips to manage Diabetes (Fb-h27-Face)

1.Proper dental care should be taken as high levels of glucose can lead to increase of Glucose in Saliva and hence dental problems can occur.

2.Proper Food Care is very important as Diabetes can cause nerve damage, initially from feet.

Wonderful Health Tip on Heart Attack (Fb-h28-Face)

Heart attack has become a very common disease these days but In Ayurveda there's simple effective medication for it. Follow these simple methods to avoid Heart Attack

Ginger Juice- It dilutes blood and reduces pain naturally by 90%

Garlic Juice- The Allicin in this juice reduces Cholesterol and BP and opens the heart blockage.

Lemon Juice- Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Potassium in this Juice, purifies blood and increases immunity.

Apple Cider Vinegar- It contains around 90% elements which clears stomach and removes lethargy.

Use these home made remedy in this way

Take 1 cup lemon juice

Take 1 cup ginger juice

Take 1 cup garlic juice

Take 1 cup apple cidar vinegar

Mix all four and heat it on low flame and then cool it down. Now in this mix 3 cups of honey. Take this medicine 3 spoons every morning before eating. It will remove all the blockage.

Tips for Healthy use of water (Fb-h29-Face)

Try to avoid drinking water after meals. This is very important. This is because whatever we eat gives us energy, and stomach transfers this energy to other parts. In our stomach we have a small space called “Epigastrium�. In this Epigastrium the food burns till the time it is not digested. Now the moment after or while eating we drink water, the water stops the burning process and hence the digestion process is stopped. You suffer from IBS.

Now when the food don't digests, it starts to ferment, leads to the formation of Uric Acid. This is created because of food fermentation in our stomach. Hence we should not drink water just after taking meal. Try to have water at least 1hr before meal.

Research based health tip (Fb-h30-Face)

U.S.A Chemical Research Center gives new result: Don't drink tea in plastic cups and don't eat any food on Polythene Paper. The plastic reacts to heat and it will cause 52 types of Cancers.

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