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Amazing health tips for Nails (Fb-h31-face)

Vitamin A, D and B complex are very good for nails. Along with having good diet, it's also necessary to take proper care of your nails. We should avoid using costic soaps.

Try to avoid the usage of Nail varnish

Create a paste using Almond Oil and White Iodine. This paste is very good for nails.

For removing the stains from your nails, scrub potato or lemon on it.

Polishing your nails with real wax increases blood circulation and makes them red and shiny.

Tips for healthy teeth (Fb-h32-face)

If proper care of teeth is not taken then it can lead to bad breath. This has a bad effect on gums and gums can become weak and loose. If one sees a deposit of yellow or black stain in their gums and teeth, then they should contact any dentist. When the gums become weak and because of the stains , it can lead to bleeding gums after sometime. This can be the starting of Pyrea. If someone sees these symptoms, they should immediately consult a dentist.

For precautions and for protecting your teeth and gums, after every meal its important to wash your mouth so that no food particles remain in the mouth. Brush your teeth in the morning as well as before sleeping.

Try to avoid having too cold or too hot things for eating. Also avoid having cold thing after having any hot thing and vice versa.

Everyday atleast twice wash your mouth with some good mouth wash.

Try to change your tooth brush after 2-3 months.


Short Health Article (Fb-h33-face)

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Vitamin A- Fish, butter, carrot and leafy green vegetables. It all helps in removing wrinkles from the face.

Vitamin B- Milk, Dates, Papaya. It helps in removing the marks from face and also the under eye dark circles.

Vitamin C- Juicy fruits, lemon. It gives new glow to the skin and increases immunity power.

Vitamin E- Egg. It helps in brightening up the face.

Knowledgable Health Tips about Tetanus (Fb-h34-face)

Tetanus is caused by Clostridium tetani bacteria. In Ayurveda if someone is suffering from Tetanus, then giving that person, crushed black pepper and curd is considered very helpful. When a person is suffering from Tetanus, the patient should be protected from cold weather and he/she should also not be given any cold liquid or food.

Some unique Health Tips (Fb-h35-face)

A lemon a day= no fat

Basil Leaf a day= No Cancer

An apple a day= no doctor

One cup milk a day= no bone problem

3 ltrs of water each day= free from diseases.

Tips for Good Health (Fb-h36-face)

Capsicum is very beneficial for health. Here are some benefits of eating capsicum

It's a very good source of Antioxidants.

It contains very less calories

It can fight against cancer.

Contains Vitamin A, C and Folic Acid.

Some facts about Almond helpful for health (Fb-h37-face)

Helps in reduction of Cholesterol

Gives Energy

Alkalize the body

Helps in Weight Loss

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Health Tips for a Great and a Healthy Living