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Humorous Funny Quote (Face-Fn7-Fb)

If you laugh at your own faults then you can surely win over everyone and lengthen your life.

But if you laugh on your wife's faults, then no one can save you.

Funny Attitude Quote (Face-Fn8-Fb)

My looks and cooking does the same thing- both can kill people.

Comical Marriage Quote (Face-Fn9-Fb)

Marriage is like an electric circuit. If connected correctly, then there's only light everywhere, and if connected wrongly, then there are only shocks.

True Funny Life Quote (Face-Fn10-Fb)

What is a Life Insurance: A contract that makes you loose your money while you are alive, to keep you rich while you die.

True Economical Funny Quote (Face-Fn11-Fb)

A penalty is a tax when you do wrong in life, a tax is a penalty when you do great in life.

Funny Sleepy Quote (Face-Fn12-Fb)

I feel everyday I play a drug police game, where the drug I need the most is my sleep, the drug trader that provides me this is my bed and the police that is there to spoil everything is the alarm clock.

Nice Funny Quote (Face-Fn13-Fb)
My only wish is that relationships become like baby shampoos that come with no tears formula.

A funny husband wife quote (Face-Fn14-Fb)

If you want to be happy with your husband, love him less and understand him more.

If you want to be happy with your wife, love her more and never try to understand her.

Comical quote (Face-Fn15-Fb)

A funny teaching of life: If someone shuts the door on your face, then always remember that the lock is on both sides, just lock the door and run away.

True Comical quote (Face-Fn16-Fb)
No matter how many good deeds you do but after their death, people only remember those who die without paying the debts.

A very amazing funny quote (Face-Fn17-Fb)
Insult and Wife both have a similarity, Both are liked when they are of others.

Witty Hysterical joke on men (Face-Fn18-Fb)
Everyone is busy celebrating Women's day, but can someone tell when is Men's Day?

Very Easy, Its on 1st May, Labor Day.

True funny quote (Face-Fn19-Fb)
Young unmarried couples loves so much each other, that they become love birds.

Married couples remain birds the only difference- They become angry birds.

Funny recession joke (Face-Fn20-Fb)
Earlier it was Ali Baba and 40 thieves. Now it's Ali Baba and 20 thieves. Why?

Because of Recession, 20 thieves were fired.

Hysterical Funny Quote (Face-Fn21-Fb)
The new type of running away from home is deleting your FB profile, both does the same thing- gives you attention.

Amazing Funny Quote (Face-Fn22-Fb)
Earlier stories used to start as “once upon a time�? now they will start as “once upon a timeline.�?

Funny Inspirational Quote (Face-Fn23-Fb)
New rule for moving ahead in your life:- Delete your FB and Whatsapp account.

True Friendship Funny Quote (Face-Fn24-Fb)
Friends remain always with you, till the time they are single.

Love Comic quote (Face-Fn25-Fb)
If you simply can't change your boy friend, Change your boy friend.

True Hysterical Quote (Face-Fn26-Fb)
A perfect person never fight, never tell a lie, never drink, never smoke, is never frustrated and is an endangered species.

Funny Amazing Quote (Face-Fn27-Fb)
When you copy someone's writings it's plagiarism but when you copy from many people's writings it becomes research.

Hilarious Marriage Quote (Face-Fn28-Fb)
If love is blind, then what is marriage

Ans: Marriage is the operation that cures the blindness.

Funny Man Woman Quote (Face-Fn29-Fb)
Difference between man and woman- Woman takes tension of her future only until she marries and a man starts taking tension of his future only after he gets married.

Funny Fb Quote (Face-Fn30-Fb)
Being on Face book is like being in prison, you have nothing better to do other than scribbling on walls.

Funny Comical Quote (Face-Fn31-Fb)
I wonder why it's called the Miss Universe contest, when the contestants and winners are from Earth.

Humorous Husband Wife Quote (Face-Fn32-Fb)
I am happy that my credit card got stolen, at least the thief spends much less than my wife

True Witty Quote (Face-Fn33-Fb)
People always tell to be patient is always good, just ask them to use net without high speed.

Hysterical Funny Nice Quote (Face-Fn34-Fb)
Marriage is that agreement where you can irritate and annoy another person for the whole life.

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