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I have become like the new age cell phones, loosing my energy without doing anything.

I know wealth cannot buy happiness, but shopping can surely do that.

You know I am following a strict dieting seafood plan. That is as soon as I see food, I just eat it.

Yesterday my macho cousin hold a lion by it's tail and almost sat on it – when the shopkeeper threw him out of the toy shop.



Whenever my husband is happy he takes me out for a dinner. He never wants the food to spoil his happiness.

I have a very daring heart, every time it is hurt and crushed by someone but still it is in a search of someone.

People get addicted to beer and wine by just having them one or two times. But I am a very strong person, I have been studying science since my childhood and I still hate it.

I asked god for a bomb to marry – today that bomb explodes everyday in my life.

You are just like my maths book – which has great figures – but simply not understandable.

Where ever you may go, there is the cry for wife. Some are crying to have one – others are crying because they have one.

Our astronomers aren't that successful they have not yet been able to find sun's wife as without wife it couldn't have gone that hot headed.

Guys want to search girfriends, I search free Wifi connection.

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