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Short Story for Kids
Name/ Title of the Story: Greed is Bad Story
Inspirational: The Greedy Dog- Moti, the dog, paid a visit to his friend Mr. Ahmed, the butcher. “Here is a nice meaty bone for you, Moti. Hold it tight and go home.? Said the butcher. Moti thanked the butcher and went away with the bone in his mouth. “How lucky I am!? said Moti to himself as he was crossing a bridge over a stream. Having gone just half-way over the bridge, Moti looked into the water. He saw his own image and thought, “There is another dog with a bone in the water.? Greedy as he was, he wanted both the bones for himself. So, he jumped into the water barking aloud. “Dear me!? gasped Moti as he got to the bank, “I have lost even my own bone.
Moral: Greed is a curse.
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