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Name/ Title of the Story: Truth Always wins Story
Inspirational: The Tree God- In  village, there lived two friends , Satya and Dushta. Satya was honest and Dushta was deceitful. One day, Dushta went to Satya and said, “Friend, let’s go and earn more money in town.? Both of them set off on a journey to the town. After they had earned a lot of money, they decided to return to their village. On the way, Dushta said to Satya, “We should not carry all our wealth with us. Let’s take a little with us and bury the rest.? They dug up a pit under a banyan tree and buried their wealth in it and went home. After dark, Dushta visited the pit and stole all the monkey. Dushta then went to Satya and said, “Friend, I need some money. Let us go to the pit to get some.? So they went to the spot where the wealth was buried. The pit was empty. Dushta accused Satya of theft. They both then went to the village head. He said, “Is there a witness?? Dushta immediately said, “Sir, the banyan tree is a witness.? So they went to the tree and said, “O mightly tree, can you tell us who stole the wealth?? Immediately, a voice spoke from the tree, “Satya is the thief.? Everyone was shocked but Satya immediately put a few twings in the hollow under the tree and lit them. Dushta’s father ran out! Dushta was the thief.
Moral: Evil intentions never bear fruit.
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