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Short Story for Kids
Name/ Title of the Story: Story on value of good Advice
Inspirational: Daboo’s Song- Once upon a time, a washerman in a village had a donkey called Daboo. Daboo carried loads of clothes to the riverbank and back everyday. Since the washerman could not feed Daboo free at night so that he could feed himself in the nearby fields. Once, while wandering around, Daboo befriended  a fox and the wandered together in search of food. One night they were eating watermelon in a field. Daboo was so happy to eat the watermelon that he told fox he wanted to sing. “Don’t be a fool. If you sing, people sleeping around will wake up and beat us with sticks,? said the worried fox. “Nothing will happen. I’m a very good singer and I’m going to sing,? said the donkey. The worried fox jumped over to the other side of the fence. Daboo begun to bray loudly. The watchmen who guarded the fields came with their sticks. Daboo got a sound beating. When Daboo came out, the fox said, “I had warned you but you didn’t listen to my advice.?
Moral: Do not ignore the advice of your dear ones.
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