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Name/ Title of the Story: Story about never betraying your friends
 The Foolish Crocodile- Once there lived a monkey on a Jamun tree that stood on the bank of a river. The Monkey was very wise and courageous. But he was very good-natured as well. He passed his time happily eating jamuns and drinking the water of the river. One day a crocodile came near the jamun tree. Below the tree was a sandy patch of land. So, the crocodile came out of the river to back on the soft sand. The monkey saw the crocodile and decided to treat him as a guest. He said to him, “Would you like to eat jamuns? They are very sweet and juicy indeed. Just taste them and let me know how you like them.? The crocodile was very pleased at the gesture of the monkey. He obliged him by eating a few jamuns. He liked their taste so much that he couldn’t help thanking the monkey. Not only this, he started coming there everyday to be entertained with jamuns. As a result, both of them became fast friends. A few days later, the crocodile said to the monkey, “Dear friend ! I chanced to mention the taste to the jamuns to my wife. She has expressed a desire to eat a few of them. Would you be kind enough to give me some jamuns for her too?? “Why not? She is my sister-in-law. I must give you  few jamuns for her too. Don’t forget to take them with you while going home,? replied the monkey. So, the crocodile started carrying a few jamuns daily for his wife too. She felt highly pleased to have them everyday. One day, the she-crocodile said to her husband, “I want to ask you a question. Who gives you such sweet jamuns daily to eat and to bring them for me too?? The crocodile proudly replied, “A noble monkey is my fast friend. I go to him daily and he gives me these jamuns. He is a noble soul and I respect as well as love him.? But she-crocodile was an ungrateful and ill-natured creature. She at once said, “He himself must be eating this fruit.? “Of course , he does. So, his face is as red as tomato,? retorted the crocodile. “You perhaps do not realize that I am getting old day by day. My looks are also losing their charm gradually. If I eat the heart of a young healthy monkey, I’ll be young and pretty again. So, bring him here on some pretext,? said the wife. The crocodile was stunned to hear the words of his wife. He said, “Do you want that I should deceive my friend and bring him here to be killed? No, never: I shall never do that.? The she crocodile had no words to reply. But she was not going to accept her defeat So, she said, “I feel that your friend is a she-monkey. That is why you spend most of your time with her. You are certainly having an affair with her.? Saying so, the she-crocodile began to bewail aloud.  The crocodile felt hurt to hear the ugly charge leveled by his wife. He was so perturbed that he didn’t go to the monkey for a number of days. Reaping advantage of the crocodile’s mental position, his wife kept insisting on having the heart of the monkey. At last, the crocodile had to give in. He decided to play the monkey false and trick him to his home to be eaten up by his cunning wife. Though with a heavy heart, the crocodile went to the monkey. He looked very sad and weak indeed. So, the monkey said,?Hello friend ! where have you been all these days? Were you all right? Why do you look so sad and pale? Let me know if I can do anything for you. We are friends and true friends must help each other in trouble.? The crocodile said, “My friend ! my wife was quarreling with me over a very sensitive point for all these days. So, I couldn’t come this way.? “Over what was she quarrelling? Let me know, if it is not anything private,? said the monkey in a friendly tone. “We have only taken from you so far. My wife was insisting on inviting you to dinner. But I often said that you cannot go there through water as you do not know how to swim. So, a quarrel followed and I could not come here,? explained the crocodile. “You are perfectly right : I don’t know how to swim. So, it is not possible for me to go with you,? said the monkey. “But when she suggest a way-out, I had to agree to take you home,? said the crocodile. “What is it?? asked the monkey. “I can carry you on my back,? replied the crocodile. The monkey gladly got ready to go. He sat on the back of the crocodile reached where the water was very deep and the current too strong for the monkey to swim back to the bank, he begun to drive into the water again and again. The monkey got frightened lest he should be drowned. So, he asked the crocodile, “What are you doing, my friend? I shall be drowned if you do so. You know well that I don’t know how to swim.?  “That is what I want. The reality is that my wife want to eat your heart to be young again. A good physician has told her that the heart of a monkey is very rejuvenating if eaten in the morning. She has been insisting on having you home as a guest for a number of days. So, I have tricked you through an invitation to take you home,? said the crocodile. The monkey got frightened but he didn’t let his face betray his fear. He laughed aloud and said, “My friend ! you are very innocent indeed. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would have taken my heart with me while coming with you. You perhaps don’t know that we monkeys keep our hearts insafe places. A monkey passes his life always jumping from tree to tree. The heart can break any moment during such a dangerous life. So, I have kept my heart in a hollow of the jamun tree. Turn back and take me to the tree, I’ll pick my heart and then accompany you to your home. It is my good luck indeed that I have to give away my life for the sake of my dear friend.? The foolish back crocodile turned back as he was not wise enough to see through the monkey’s trick. When they reached near the bank of the river, the agile monkey jumped off the crocodile’s back. With one great leap, he perched on a branch of the jamun tree and said, “You Rogue ! you are not only ungrateful but extremely foolish also. Can any living-being keep its heart out of its body? Now be off with your ugly face from here.? The crocodile was highly ashamed of his folly and disappeared into the river.
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