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Name/ Title of the Story: A story on true friend
The Clever Plan

A long time ago there lived a crow couple that had built a nest on top of a tree. One day, the wife had laid three eggs. The crows were very happy. But their happiness was short-lived. A snake that had come to live at the bottom of the tree ate all the eggs. The crow were very sad. After a while, the female crow again laid some eggs. The snake ate up the eggs yet again. The crows approached their friend, the fox and narrated their story. The fox told them a plan. The next morning they flew to the riverbank where a princess was bathing. She left her costly ornaments on the bank and told her soldiers to guard them. The female crow swooped down and picked up a costly necklace and flew away. The guards ran after it. The crow then dropped the necklace in the hole where the snake lived. When the snake came out of the hole, the guards started beating it and finally killed it. The crow family went to the fox and thanked him. After some time, the female crow again laid eggs. The crows and their young ones lived happily ever after.
Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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