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Name/ Title of the Story: Story on Destiny
Once, while a sage was meditating by the river Ganga, a hawk dropped a female mouse in the sage’s lap. The sage chanted some verses and turned it into a baby girl and took the baby home to his wife. He said, “Dear, since we are childless, let’s adopt this girl.? When she grew up, he prayed to the sun god who appeared and the sage asked him to marry his daughter. But she said, “I cannot marry the sun god because he is very hot.? Next was the lord of the clouds. She said, “I do not want to marry a person who is dark and cold.? His daughter refused to marry the Wind as he was always moving. The Mountain was rejected for being too hard. Finally, the Mountain said, “Go to the mouse. The mouse can easily make holes in the Mountain.? The daughter agreed to marry the mouse. The sage said, “Look at your destiny. You started as a mouse, and were destined to marry a mouse. So be it?. He then transformed her into a she-mouse and got her married.
Moral- Destiny plays an important role in life.
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