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Short Story for Kids
Name/ Title of the Story: Know the truth and react
The value of Trust- Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a small village. One day, the farmer brought home a bleeding baby mongoose. The farmer’s wife asked, “What is this?? The farmer replied, “It’s baby mongoose. It was lying by the roadside so I have brought it home to live with us.? The farmer had a little son. Soon the mongoose became an adult. The farmer’s wife was always fearful that the mongoose might harm the little boy. One day, when she returned home she found the mongoose at the doorstep with its mouth covered in blood. The woman immediately concluded that the mongoose had killed the boy. She was very angry and cried, ?you are such a wicked mongoose ! You have killed my son. I will kill you too.? With that the farmer’s wife took a stick and started beating the mongoose. The poor mongoose could not escape her blows and died. Crying loudly the woman ran into the bedroom to see her son. She got a rude shock when she found her son sleeping peacefully and near him was a dead snake. In a flash, she understood what had happened. She started weeping and said, “If only I had checked once before killing you.?
Moral- Learn about the truth and then act.
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