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Name/ Title of the Story: Story about using knowledge wisely
The Making of a Lion

Long, long ago, four friends from a village learnt many ways to perform pujas and yajans. After the completion of their studies, they set off for their village. While passing through a forest, they came across bones of a lion. One of the friends, Gyanendra, said, “To test our knowledge, let's bring this lion back to life.? Then he assembled all the bones to make it into a skeleton of a lion and chanted some mantras. The second friend, Anupam chanted some mantras and put the skin, flesh and blood into the skelton. The third friend, Subeer, chanted the mantras to put life into the body of the animal.
The fourth friend, Gopi, shouted, “Stop! Please don't do this. It might prove dangerous.? The others did not pay heed to him. Gopi quickly climbed up a tree.
As soon as the huge lion came back to life, he killed all the three men and disappeared into the forest. Gopi came out of hiding and said, “If only you had learnt to use your knowledge at the right place and time.?
Moral: Knowledge must be used wisely.
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