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Name/ Title of the Story: Don't imitate others story
The Imitating Crow

A crow saw an eagle swooping down on a small rabbit, catching it with its claws and flying back with it to its nest on a high mountain rock.
'What a grand feat!' thought the crow to himself, 'I too shall try to perform the same feat.'
The crow saw a rabbit grazing at a distance. In trying to imitate the eagle, the crow also tried to make a dazzling swoop through the air, but the rabbit proved to be quite heavy for him. And what was worse, when the crow tugged hard, his little claws got caught in the rabbit's soft fur. The result was that he could not fly.
In the meanwhile, the shepherd arrived. He clipped the wings of the crow and took it home to show it to his children and to tell them: ‚ÄúThink, before you act.‚Ä?
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