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Name/ Title of the Story: Mind is stronger than strength story
The Lion and The Rabbit-  Once upon a time a cruel lion ruled a jungle. Everyday he would hunt a number of animals and eat them. The animals of the jungle were scared to even move about freely. One day the worried animals got together and visited the king. The Clever fox said, “Your majesty, the animals are all dying. Your hunting spree will leave hardly any animals around. “We’ll send you one animal each as your lunch and dinner.? The lion readily agreed to this suggestion. From then on, one animal was sent to the lion’s den every day. One day it was Raju, the rabbit’s turn, Raju was very scared. He started to walk reluctantly to the den. He thought of a plan. He was supposed to reach the den by noon, But reached by evening. The lion was roaring, hungry and angry. “You fool, such a small animal like you and so late! I’m famished. I’ll eat you and go hunting,? roared the lion. Raju pretended to faint and said meekly, “Oh, king, forgive me. I was with three more rabbits but another lion ate them all up! He claims to be the true king of this jungle.? The lion roared, “I’ll kill that lion. Take me to him.? Raju readily took him to a deep well and said, “Sir he lives in this well. The lion roared . The walls of the well echoed back. The angry lion said, “You fool, you are challenging me, I will kill you. Here I come!? And he jumped into the well and was drowned. The jungle was peaceful again.
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