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Name/ Title of the Story: Story on just being yourself
There was once a washerman who had a donkey. He was not earning enough to feed the donkey. The donkey was becoming thin and weak. The washerman was worried. One day, the washerman found a tiger’s skin in the forest. He thought, “I will cover the donkey with this skin and send him to the fields to eat. Soon, he will grow fat and strong.? He took the tiger’s skin with him and dressed the donkey in the tiger’s skin and took him to the nearby fields. The farmers, who owned the fields thought that a tiger had come. They ran for their lives. After a few days, the donkey grew fat and stout. The angry farmers decided to kill the tiger. The villagers went to the field with their sticks. Suddenly, another donkey from a nearby field brayed. The washerman’s donkey brayed in reply. When the farmers heard the braying of the donkey, they were angry. They could not control themselves and killed the donkey with their sticks. The farmer was sad and regretted his decision.
Moral- Think well before acting.
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