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Name/ Title of the Story: Story on not trusting others blindly
The Clever Crab- A long time ago, there lived a heron by the side of a pond. It was old and found it difficult to hunt for fish and crabs. One day, the heron got an idea. It went to the side of the pond with a sad face and did not hunt for fish. The fish asked the heron, “Why are you so sad?? The heron replied, “Alas ! I went to an astrologer and he said that soon the pond is going to dry up and all the fish will die. But I know of a pond, where all the fish will be safe. I can carry a few fish everyday to the other pond.? The fish were eager to go to the new pond. They said, “Please take us to a safer place.:? So everyday the heron took some fish in its beak, and ate up the fish near a rock. In this way, it was able to get fish without any effort. A crab that also lived in the same pond became curious and decided to go with the heron. When it got closer to the rock, it realized that the heron had been eating the fish. Angrily, it tightened its claws around the neck of the heron and killed it. The crab crept back to the pond and told all the fish about the lies the heron had been telling.
Moral- The hunter can never be protector.
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