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Name/ Title of the Story: Always trust yourself story
Goat or Demon- There was once a Brahmin named Sitaram who performed religious rituals. One day, a rich man gave him a goat. While the Brahmin was walking home with the goat on his shoulders, three rogues saw him. They planned to take away the goat. The first crook approached Sitaram and said, “Why are you carrying a dog?? Sitaram was annoyed. He shouted, “What are you saying? This is not a dog but a goat.? The crook said, “But I see a dog.? He moved on. A little later, Sitaram met the second crook. The second crook said, “Sir why are you carrying a dead calf on your shoulders?? Now Sitaram was confused. He said, “You are wrong. This is a goat and not a dead calf.? Then, he met the third crook who asked him why he was carrying a foal. By now Sitaram was totally confused and also afraid. He thought that he was carrying a demon that took different forms. Sitaram left the goat behind. The three tricksters laughed at the Brahmin and went away with the goat and had a grand feast that night.
Moral- Trust yourself and do not give much importance to what others say.
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