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Name/ Title of the Story: Story on Fate
The Three Fish- Long, long ago, there lived three fish in a pond. The first fish believed in facing danger when it came. The second fish believed in acting wisely and taking action when needed and the third believed in fate. One day, some fishermen came to the pond. One of them said, ?There are many fish in this pond. Let’s come here tomorrow and catch all of them.? Two of the fish overheard the fishermen’s talk. The second fish gathered all the fish in the pond and said, “Our life is in danger. It’s better that we move to a safer pond.? At this, the first fish said, “Why should we run? This place belongs us,? The second fish tried to convince them but in vain. The second fish and some of the other fish in the pond moved to another pond. The next morning, the fishermen cast their net in the pond and trapped the first fish and the third fish along with other fish. The first fish pretended to be dead. The fishermen threw the first fish back into the pond. The third fish was left behind in the net and thought, “So this is the end. If only I had listened to my friend !?
Moral- Fate also supports those who act wisely.
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