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Name/ Title of the Story: Intelligent thinking can save from all danger story
The Clever Jackal- Long, long ago there lived a jackal named janu. He was very clever. Janu lived in a cave. Every morning he would venture out in search of food and return back to his cave at night. A lion called Simha also lived in the same jungle. Simha was very old and could not hunt any longer. Had also lost a few teeth and was helpless. He lived on small or dead animals. One day Simha was looking for food when he came across Janu’s cave. At once he knew some animal inhabited the cave. Simha thought of hiding inside and waiting for his prey. Janu, the clever jackal returned at night. As he neared his home, he saw the paw prints of Simha. He could also smell his scent. Janu thought for a moment and called out to the cave, “My friend cave! May I come in?? Simha was very hungry by now. He thought maybe the cave and the jackal Talked to each other everyday. He called out, “yes, please come in?. Hearing Simha’s roar Janu ran off, and returned only after Simha left the cave.
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