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Name/ Title of the Story: Inspirational Story on Unity
The Wise Brahmin- Long ago, in a small village there lived an old Brahmin with his three sons. The three sons were always arguing and fighting with each other. No amount of teaching had changed them. One day, the father decided to teach a lesson to his quarreling sons. He called his oldest son and handed him a stick. He told him to break it. The son broke it easily. The father then called his other two sons and gave them a stick each. He told them to break the sticks. Both the sons broke the sticks easily. The old Brahmin got three more sticks and tied them together. One by one he gave the bundle of sticks to his three sons and asked them to break the bundle without undoing it. The sons tried with all their might to break the bundle. But no one could succeed. The father then explained to them, “If you are united like these sticks, no one can defeat you. There is great strength in unity!?
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