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Short Story for Kids
Name/ Title of the Story: Good always gets returns back to you story
Inspirational: The Lion and The Mouse- A mouse chanced to run over a sleeping lion one day. The lion woke up and roared in anger. He caught the mouse in his paw. “Spare me, sir, One day I may be able to help you,? begged the mouse. The lion was so amused at this that he let the mouse go. A few days later, the mouse saw the lion caught in a net. He was roaring aloud. “What shall I do for you, sir?? asked the mouse. “Help me get free,’ replied the lion. The mouse at once set about nibbling the strings of the net. Before long the lion was free. He thanked the mouse. “There you are, sir,? said the mouse. “Are you sure now that a mouse can help a lion too?? asked he
Moral: Do good, have good.
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