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Short Story for Kids
Name/ Title of the Story: Inspirational Story on Think before you act
Inspirational: The Fox and The Goat- A Fox fell into a well. She could not get out again. So, she called out to a goat who was just passing by. “The water is very good over here: come in and have a drink,? said the fox. The goat, who was rather silly, felt happy. Without thinking anything, she leapt into the well. When the goat had a good drink, she asked the for, “How shall we get out?? “If you stand on your hind legs, I shall climb up your forehead and go out. Then I shall help you also to get out. But when the fox had got out, she ran away saying, “you should have thought of the way-out before you came in!?
Moral: Look before you Leap.
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