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Yesterday some of my friends filed a lost complaint for me in the police station – they didn't find me on Fb for 5 continuous hours.

Are you getting fat – I have a simple solution to get slim. Simply, turn your face towards right then left and then again towards right. Just do this every time someone comes to you with a yummy food item, that you love.

I love maths it's all about figures.

Attitude Status for Fb 

I am not a princess waiting for my prince charming, I am a Queen ruling my own kingdom, waiting for My King to join me along.

I am too optimistic – I know that there's always things better than the best.

Very few people are amazing, lively, funny, loving, caring, friendly and smart all at the same time. Thank god you know atleast one such person.

Best Fb Status 

Am I a good friend? Just see yourself in the mirror if you find a good friend then you will find the same in me too.

I wish I could forget you, but how foolish I am, I have been eating almond regularly since many year now and I hardly forget anything.

My house is simply where my Mom is.

Cool Status for Fb 

Intelligent starts with I and handsome ends with me.

If someone wakes up at 9 in the morning it doesn't mean he sleeps a lot, it may only mean that he dreams big, real big.

I am always on Fb whether I am dead or alive.

Fb Love Status 

As soon as I see your name in my FB Notification, my instant reaction is SMILE.

Your name and my surname sounds awesome together.

I log in to Fb, just to see if you are logged in. And for the whole day your being logged in status, does not allow me to log out.

Status for Fb 

It seems that China has been awarded the bulk contract to manufacture hearts these days by god, they are getting broken or are being broken so easily, every now and then.

All I want from my life is – you in my heart and my destiny in my own hands.

There isn't a god that is bigger than my parents for me. I am not rich enough that I can repay even a fraction of their debts.

Sad Status for Fb 

Conversation earlier used to happen face to face and now it happens only on Fb.

I wish relationships also become like internet technology, that comes with a delete history feature.

I love the music when I am cheerful, but I understand the lyrics when I am depressed.

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