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I had thought that I would remember each one who broke my heart on every turn of my life, thank god the road went all straight.

Hey life! don't make me go round and round all the time. I am just a human being and not a bridgestone tire.

Never fall in love and if you do – don't complaint that non of my friends warned me.

Earlier friends use to wait for each other in the garden now they just login to Fb.

Don't curse bad times they make you realize who all are really good.

A tree without its origin is just simply wood. So always stay rooted.

New kind of addiction these days, log out from FB, shut down your laptop, get inside your quilt and then again log in to FB from your phone.

The 3 most amazing words in today's time is :- Salary is Credited

There is only one book which your Mom won't tell you to read much that's face book.

I know that everything happens for a reason but the biggest question is finding out what exactly is the reason.

New day defination for Insomnia is- people having internet connection.

Reading books makes you intelligent. Reading Fb all the time, just does the opposite.

Wine is not good for health but a great win deserves it. While a loss and in a loss you can't simply do without it. Better say it upfrount, you need wine anyway.

A 22 year boy climbed the mount Everest and still wanted to do something tougher – I think he has not tried finding a first job.

My friendship is like a black hole once you get into it you can never come out of it.

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