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Motivational Speech
I will give you one incident, all of you must always remember this incident. 1979 in the satellite launch I was the project director and my mission was to put the satellite in the orbit. People have worked for about many years on this but just before 40 seconds, computer says don't launch it. I am the mission director, I have to make a decision .The experts said there's a problem as there's a leakage in the system. But still I bypassed the computer and launched the system But it was a failure. It was my failure first time. How do I manage the failure? That time a great man, a great leader Mr. Satish Dhawan takes me for a press conference. I was very frightened, I will be the culprit. But Mr Satish Dhawan, the chairman Indian Space and Research Institute said, “ Dear friends we have failed today.I want to support my technologists and staff so that next time they defenitely succeed.? So he took the whole blame on himself and he received the criticism also. Next year , when we finally succeeded, Mr. Dhawan asked me to go and take the press conference. Thus you see, when the failure came, the leader took it up, and when the success came, he gave the credit to his team. That is true Leadership.
Comment: True Leadership speech by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
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