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Motivational Speech
I think most people in their careers have moments of disillusionment or a sense that they don't know where they are going and I think those moments of disillusionment hit all of us at any one time. A person that has not faced any difficulties, I think ends up being a person that's an unreal person in the world because he doesn't know how to deal with difficulties. You look at the world around you, where did Microsoft, where did Apple, where did Amazon, where did Google, where did Facebook come from? They came from idea that people felt something could be done, where individuals started in garages, where ideas were born and then they could make a difference. You in the years ahead are going to be leaders of this country and shaping the destiny of this country. In many ways we have been critical of what has or has not happened in our country. How many times have you heard people say this can't be done. Do not grow with the view that something can't be done and so should not be done. Its your job to remove those myths and get things done. As you grow in your organization you will find that you get lonlier and lonlier and your decision is eventually a lonely decision.You should do what you believe is right, it may be the tougher decision, it may be the tougher option. But if deep inside you, you know it's the right decision, for the right reason and not for the wrong reasons, then you should go ahead and take it and I would hope that you look at being ethical and holding the value systems which you want this country to have. Your whole world is going to be learning and listening. Your success is going to be your humility. If you speak or sit next to a Nobel laureate, he never tells you that he won a Nobel prize, other people tell you. Let humility be your best defence. So as you go out into this world you need to ask yourself why you're there? Are you there for money or are you going because you really want to make a difference to the world by what you do. All of us in our own ways need to ask ourselves, are we doing something which we're proud of or do we bask in showing off our wealth. If it's that then I think we're wasting our lives. These are people that need our help. We'll have failures and we'll have frustations, but it's a continued commitment that we have to the world around us, to ourselves and to the people of India.
Comment: Motivational Speech By Ratan Tata for all working professionals
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