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Today I am going to talk about a child who does not listen. So the main problem is of obedience problem. When that happens we need to respond with calm and confident authority. In doing this you have to understand, that every time you ask your child to do something and they do it, you gain an authority point. So if you ask the child to do something and he doesn't do it, then stop asking him to do it as you will otherwise loose your authority. If there's a consequence of their not being obedient, then you retain your authority. The common misconception is that a consequence needs to be a punishment. It doesn't. It just needs to be a consequence. So the consequences does not necessarily be a punishment. Parents should learn that punishments are always an ineffective way to teach. They typically doesn't work unless the punishments are severe. So if you want to teach the child, teach the child. Get involved with him. That's the difference between authority based interventions and guidence based interventions. Always maintain a positive emotion at home.
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By: Dr. Craig Childress
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