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Once a primary school teacher asked her students to write few lines on my biggest wish. While checking their papers at home, she started crying. Her husband asked her what's the matter? She replied, one child wrote his biggest wish is to become a mobile. He wrote if I become a mobile, then I will be the center of attraction. Everyone will be always around me. When I will speak, everyone will listen to me carefully. When papa will come back from office, despite his lethargy, he will be busy with me. When mom will be sad instead of scolding me, will spend time with me. My siblings will fight just to be near me. And as a mobile I will spread happiness all around. Listening to this, the husband said, what a lonely child. His parents don't take care of him at all. The wife paused and said. The child is our son.

No matter how busy you may be just remember to always take out time for your kids. 
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