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Once a boy used to worship and take care of his parents a lot His friends used to tell him that if you would worship God so much, then God will surely be impressed with you. But the boy was not at all affected with all this and he continued taking care of his parents. Seeing his respect and love for his parents, God was very impressed of this boy and hence he decided to go and meet him. So God went to the boy's house and knocked his door. At that time the boy was taking care of his mother, he asked from inside who it was. God answered I am God, I am impressed with your love for your parents, so I have come to see you my son. The boy very politely replied, If you can wait then please wait as now I am taking care of my mother. God replied, people wants to just have one glimpse of mine and I have come to meet you but still you are not opening the door.
Comment: An impressive story on lving your parents.
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