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Every dream is the dream to fly, to soar beyond the possible. As far back as he could remember, Samuel wanted to fly. But born in 1834, the bicycle hadn't even been invented. Determined, he devours knowledge. In 1898, now professor Samuel Langley ,one of world's most respected scientists is given $50000 to build his dream. The world comes out to see. The 'Great Aerodrome' launches. History is about to be made and lost .The crowd is scatting Langley gives up dying a broken man. Two high school dropouts have the same dream. Except they can't get funding or support. They crash too. Not once, often. Each time learning from the sage, called failure. Until a winters day in December 1903, when they fly their thousand dollar home made flying machine...right through the illusion of impossibility. Samuel Langley fell, Wilbur and Orville fell, but Wilbur and Orville got back up .So if you want to fly, get ready to fall.
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