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Once a poor milkman used to make butter from his milk and sold it to shopkeepers in the city. This way he and his wife used to earn their living. Once as usual he took packets of his home made butter, which was of 1kg and went to the market. In the market, as usual he sold his butter to a shopkeeper and bought sugar, tea, and other necessary items from the shopkeeper.

    After the milkman went away, the shopkeeper decided to weigh the butter packets. He first     weighed one packet, it was 900 gm. Then he weighed all the other packets, all were 900 gm.     The shopkeeper became very angry and decided not to trade with the milkman anymore.

    Next morning again as the milkman came to sell his butter, the shopkeeper shouted, that     you are dishonest. You sell 900 gm butter as 1kg. I don't want to trade with such dishonest     person. The milkman very calmly answered, I am a poor person , I dont have any machine to     weigh accurately. I just use the 1kg sugar that I buy from you, as a weighing bench for me.     The shopkeeper was silent.

    Before we accuse anyone we should first look inside ourselves.
Comment: A story that helps to keep a check on ourselves.
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